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The importance of architecture in real estate has grown immensely. There are different houses available in the market to cater to different needs. Some of these houses have existed for centuries before, while some have come into existence recently. Here are the top ten most popular types of homes in 2022. Buy your desired plot in Lahore Smart City.

A single-family house

As its name implies, a single-family house is built for a single-family. It usually has a single kitchen, a garage, and a backyard. The number of rooms in a single-family home depends on the area it is built on. A single-family house is in no way connected to the neighboring houses. According to the data, this is the most popular type of house, with 80% of home buyers searching for a single-family house. The design and architecture of single-family homes differ widely. Some are modernly built with woodwork, while some places match the Victorian style.


Apartments have undoubtedly become increasingly popular in today’s time. An apartment is a single-story house that is part of a residential building. An Apartment is best suited for the fast-paced lifestyle many adults have today. An apartment requires less maintenance than a house; hence proves to be more convenient, especially for people that are working. Due to this increase in demand, there has been a significant rise in residential buildings being constructed. The prices of apartments differ widely depending on the structure and the luxuries that it provides. Some buildings come with their own gyms and swimming pools while some fail to provide even the basic facilities.

Town House

A town house is similar to a single-family home except for that it shares the same boundary as multiple houses. Townhouses belonging to the same community are identical. A townhouse has its own gated driveway and shares other characteristics of a single-family home. Many townhouses have homeowners associations to manage things.


A condominium which is commonly known as a condo, is similar to an apartment but is more luxurious and spacious. A condo is part of a complex with several units belonging to different individuals. The significant difference between an apartment and a condo is that the latter cannot be rented and has to be purchased.

Multifamily house

A multifamily house is built to meet the needs of several families within a building. It is usually divided into two or more portions which have their own kitchens and some rooms. The garage, driveway, and backyard in a multifamily home are shared between the families. A multifamily house is the most common type of house in Pakistan due to the joint family concept.


A mansion has the same features as a single-family house; however, it is more luxurious. Mansions are aimed to be grand and spacious. They are usually built by the elite and privileged as they are extremely expensive.

Mobile home

A mobile home is also referred as a trailer home. They are constructed in a factory and can easily be moved from site to site. It is suitable for people that move between areas and cities frequently. The prices of mobile homes range from being affordable to being extremely expensive, depending on the number of facilities provided.


A co-op is similar to an apartment, except that it has multiple shareholders. You only own a particular portion of the property and are given space according to your share in the property. Co-ops are extremely popular among college students or single individuals.

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Tiny home

Tiny homes came into existence due to the shortage of land and its increased prices. These houses are built in small areas. The residents get a small living area and an even smaller storage space.


A bungalow is a small house that can either have single or multiple stories. It is artistically made and is more creatively designed than a single-family home. However, they are reasonably priced and are less expensive in comparison to mansions. They are usually made in the suburbs and have large open spaces.


All the types of houses listed above are prevalent and meet different requirements. As a buyer, it is up to you to decide which one is best suited for you.

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