A plot file is the document of the property without balloting. Moreover, all housing projects in Pakistan have the mandatory provision of plot files. The plot file is a lot cheaper than the actual price of plot. Therefore, most investors who want to benefit from real estate often purchase plot files. Furthermore, the most significant disadvantage of buying a plot file is that there is no physical existence of land. So, the plot files would an ideal real estate investment for the investors looking for an inexpensive and long-term investment opportunity.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom valley Islamabad is one of the perfect upcoming housing projects in Islamabad, as it is a viable investment for the residents of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, the best factor of this real estate project is that it comes under the domain of Government’s Naya Pakistan Housing scheme. Therefore, the real estate investors have shown huge trust and interest in this housing project. Furthermore, the location and affordability are other vital aspects of this housing scheme. Similar to the blue world city price range, the prices of plots and files are highly affordable with the provision of an instalment plan.

Real Estate Kingdom Valley File Business

Kingdom valley is offering plots files at reasonable rates. Moreover, the investors purchase the plot file and sell it further as it fluctuates. However, to receive the actual plot file, it is important to visit a professional realtor to avoid problem in future. All the investors can see the kingdom valley office for the latest updates and rates. Moreover, a master plan of this real estate project like Silver City Islamabad offers a different sizes of plots viable for the investors of this project.

The residential plots are available from 3.5 marlas to 1 Kanal; while in the overseas block, the plots are available from 8 to 16 marlas. Above all, commercial plots are around 4 to 8 marla size range, while  2 to 8 Kanal are of farmhouses and villas range from 3.5to 5 marlas. All the plots and files are available for residential and commercial purposes. In order to avoid any inconvenience later, it would be important to consult a professional realtor before making any more plan of real estate investment. The investors must visit the office and official website of estate land marketing for more information about their prospect.

Kingdom Valley File Business Pros & Cons


The first and foremost significant aspect of purchasing a real estate file is cheap rate. In contrast to the plot, the file is less expensive, which makes it a better investment and business choice for all the investors.

Secondly, there is an instalment program to ease the investors in the buying process. Moreover, this also encourages investors from all economic classes to purchase a real estate file.

The down payment involved in the file business is lesser than the business of plots. Therefore, it’s a more viable investment and business option for all the investors from an economic point of view.


Risk is often associated with the business of file as no allocation or possession of the plot is available. Additionally, the exact boundary is not explained or known in the property file.

Overselling of the plots often happens in the real estate file business. But, with regard to Kingdom Valley Islamabad File Verification, investors find it easy because it comes under the scheme of government’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Some hidden or other development charges are available in the business of file, which makes it risky for the real estate investors. Therefore, it is important to purchase a trustworthy or legal housing project like kingdom valley.

At last, the buyers have no idea when the property would be available for further procedure as no authority is bound for timely delivery of services.


Kingdom valley is one of the futuristic housing projects in Islamabad, making this society an ideal real estate investment for the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, this housing society has a variety of plots and files at an affordable price with an instalment program. Therefore, the benefits of buying plot files are cheaper than the actual plot price. Apart from that, the nonpayment of the plot file is also very reasonable. However, few risks are involved in purchasing and selling plot files as the investors do not have any knowledge about the exact plot area. But from a financial and commercial perspectives, plot files are the appropriate option. At last, to know more details about the plot files, the investors should visit the official website or the office of Estate Land Marketing.

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