Construction sites are dangerous beasts, with studies reporting that one in ten construction workers will be involved in an accident at work over their lifetime. Therefore, safety must be paramount when working in such an at-risk industry. Here are five easy things that you can do to keep yourself safer on site. 

Hard hats

This seems like a no-brainer and is elementary in terms of reducing the risk of injury on site. Hard hats protect from falling debris or tools, and with people often working several floors above ground level, they can be the difference between life or death should you be unlucky enough to be struck by a falling item.

Steel-toed boots

Have you ever dropped anything on your foot? Well, then you’ll know the sheer torture of that instantaneous pain. Now swap that can of food or child’s toy with a concrete block or steel, and you’ll understand why steel-toed boots are not only recommended but utterly necessary to prevent gruesome foot injuries that will stop you from being able to work for months.

Minimal jewelry

Construction work and jewelry don’t tend to mix in the main. There are far too many hazards on building sites to warrant necklaces and bracelets. Injuries in the past from wearing items such as these include catching them on lose bits of masonry or pipework or getting them caught in power tools. Construction sites are also places where jewelry is likely to receive damage. A simple wedding band is one piece that many workers wear, which is less likely to impact safety. Many, such as gold or platinum wedding rings, will become easily scratched with the daily wear and tear of such work. An alternative made from much more durable material, such as a Newman Bands Tungsten Ring, is far more suitable.

Knee pads

Every part of the construction industry is physically challenging. This is particularly true for those who are required to work in awkward spaces or at different levels, for example, plumbers or electricians. One way to combat the repetitive injuries that can be caused is to wear knee pads — these cushion your joints, meaning that there is less pressure being placed on them constantly. Many work trousers come with built-in knee supports, but they are also available as separate items that can be worn as and when needed.  


Another number one rule for most construction sites is that anybody on site must wear a hi-vis jacket. Statistics show that workers feel safer when wearing these jackets, as they are easier to be seen by all, from other tradespeople to site traffic. It is also easier to identify those who are authorized to be on-site when these are worn as standard practice.  

There are many ways to stay safe when working in construction. From hard hats and hi-vis to durable and hard-wearing wedding rings, by following these simple tips, you can increase the safety levels of you and your colleagues every single day.

By Manali