The Monica Sneakers  are shoes that have been reserved for sports and outdoor activities in the past. Lately, these shoes have become a fashion statement or symbol of status. You see the representation of athletes such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and even soccer players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

With all this going on in the sneaker industry, knowing what types are best for you is essential.


What are the types of sneakers?

There are two main types of sneakers. The first is called the Classic replica dunks , which is traditional and has no actual shape or design and is usually made of leather. The second type is called the “Superstar”, which has a very noticeable design and features extra stitching details to make it look more appealing or flashy. You’ll also see that these shoes can be high heels or low drop-tops.


Is there a difference between the two types of sneakers?

Yes, each type of sneaker has its benefits. The Classic is a more casual looking shoe, while the Superstar is more fashionable. If it’s your first time shopping for sneakers, you may think that the two are different; however, each type has its qualities to appeal to everyone.


What’s so special about Classics?

The Classic is that it has no actual shape or design to it. These Monica Sneakers are usually made of leather, but you can also find them on canvas or synthetic. With not having any arrangement to it, the Classic is very flexible. These shoes can easily be worn with jeans or shorts and still look good in their relaxed state. These are more for everyday use rather than for sports. offers sneakers at low rates


How about Superstars?

Superstars Monica Sneakers look very flashy and cool. They feature colours, logos and all different types of patterns to give off a more fashionable look like Replica dunks  . These shoes are also made of leather or synthetic but are more expensive than their Classic counterpart. These are more for people who want to make a fashion statement or appear cool.


What kind of people wears sneakers?

The types of people that wear sneakers are very diverse. You can be any age and wear sneakers. These shoes don’t follow any particular fashion sense, so anyone wears them.


Where do you wear sneakers?

The great thing about these shoes is that they’re very versatile. You can wear it for an everyday casual or even a business casual look, as long as it’s clean-cut and well put together. If you work in a more relaxed environment, you can even wear these for business casual or slip dress-code events like an outdoor wedding.


What’s the purpose of these shoes?

Sneakers are used chiefly for everyday wear and casual occasions. Some people swear by them and even consider them their alternative to dress shoes. Sneak away from the typical dress shoe but still, look great in a pair of sneakers.



It might be hard to find your size since there aren’t very many spots selling these shoes. Start online by visiting your favourite sneaker store or local shoe stores that carry this type of shoe. Knowing your size before purchasing them is essential, which can be difficult for some people. Some people wear a size eight dress shoe, and others wear a size 13 or 14. Since sizes vary greatly, it’s also essential to try on different sizes to see which one fits you best.

By Manali