According to a survey conducted by Internet Matters, many children use social media apps that are not for them. Internet Matters studied 1000 children from 11 to 15 years old and found that 62% of 11-year-olds and 69% of 12-year-olds have Facebook profiles despite the age limit. Another survey found that 40% of underage children are using social media apps like Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, even for adults and teenagers.

Due to the pandemic, children’s screen time has seen a rise, and many of them have turned towards social media. Being on social media is looked upon as being “cool,” Every other kid wants to have an online presence without evaluating the risks. Social media apps are the best way to connect with your friends and family, but it is dangerous for kids to be out there without knowing how to navigate these sites safely.

Parents are concerned about their kids being in the social world all independently. So it is essential to introduce them to safe social platforms made for them. In keeping with the desire of children of all ages to use social media, there are various social app til børn out there that are safe to use and are under the supervision of the parents. These apps are safe to use as it does not allow the use of any actual details to maintain the security of the children.

However, sooner or later, the kids will want to be on social media. For that, they must have an understanding and working of these social media apps, for that parents can get their kids to be on social media that is only meant for kids to get them some practice.

Sociale medier for børn sounds absurd, but to protect your kids from falling into the world of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat is much more dangerous. But here on the social media apps for kids, the parents have complete control over the app’s access and know everything else. So not only can they make new friends but they can play games with friends, watch funny videos, sing together, etc. But, again, the parents will know all about it.

The first and foremost priority of social media apps for kids is the safety of your children. It has strict rules about the dos and don’ts. These apps make the child understand the world of the Internet better. These apps can act as a simulation practice. Here you can enjoy watching videos with your friends, playing games, posting photos and videos, and having a good time.

A social app for kids comes with numerous guidelines, and if one does something against the restrictions, they might lose the privilege to be on the app.

By Manali