Have you ever had a cup of coffee that was watery, bitter, or lacked body. If so, a bad grind was most likely to blame!

For the absolute best cup of coffee, it’s essential to freshly grind your own beans just before brewing. But do you know how?

Coffee grinding can be a bit daunting if you’ve never tried it, and improper technique can leave you with less than desirable results. Avoid making these beginner mistakes with our easy-to-follow guide.

Read on for three hot tips!

1. Buy the Best Beans You Can Afford

If you only follow one of our tips for grinding coffee – make it this one!

No matter how perfectly you’re grinding your coffee, you won’t achieve a fantastic taste and aroma with poor-quality beans. We promise. 

Opt for the very best quality coffee that you can afford – and wait to grind it until just before you’re ready to brew. While you wait, be sure to store your coffee properly to ensure the best flavor possible.

You should also buy coffee in small amounts and more frequently, to keep it from spoiling, drying out, or losing its essence while it sits in your cabinet. 

2. Keep Your Grinder Clean and Dry

When you’re grinding coffee beans, dust and oil are often left behind in the machine. And, it’s essential to clean this residue out before grinding your next batch. 

Mixing your beans can lead to a bad taste. And, all that leftover coffee lying around can become a safe haven for unwanted bacteria. The same is true for any kind of water or moisture found on your grinder.

In most cases, you won’t need to wash your machine. Instead, just brush away the remaining grinds and use a clean, dry towel to get all the nooks and crannies.

3. Match Your Grind to Brewing Method

If you’re wondering how to grind coffee like a pro, consider this – different grinds are used for different brewing methods!

For example, a superfine grind is best for espresso, whereas a looser and grainier grind works well for a pour-over or French press. You might want to investigate a few coffee grinding tips for your favorite brew, especially if you prefer something fancy like a V60 or Aeropress.

If you’re a traditionalist who just enjoys a good Americano, try to find the best coffee maker with grinder combo. This will help you get the perfect grind for each morning’s brew – without any extra effort.

Coffee Grinding Made Easy

Now that you’ve mastered the coffee grinding basics, it’s time to hit the kitchen for some practice!

Remember, different grinds can be used to deliver different results, ranging from espresso to americano and beyond. So, it’s important to plan ahead and decide exactly what you’ll make before you get started. 

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By Manali