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To place a ranking on the cutest dog breed in the world is like trying to rank the beauty of flowers. There are numerous adorable dog breeds in the world so much that it makes ranking them a difficult task. Dogs are kind, compassionate, and loving, they are quick to forgive and hold resentment. When you take good care of your dog you’ll not only have a pet but a best friend. Picking the cutest dog breed out of a wide variety of dog breeds out there was super challenging but I was up to the task.

Most dog lovers will say their fur buddies are the cutest but we all know that some dog breeds are undoubtedly more pleasing than others. Research has shown that European Asian dog breeds are the most adorable dog breeds on the planet. Although different people have different tastes and preferences there are certain attributes among dogs such as skin colour, fur, size of eyes, density, and shape of ears that contribute greatly to a dog’s beauty. If you are looking for an adorable canine companion to buy, then check our list of the top 5 most adorable dog breeds, you’ll find the perfect dog breed that’ll melt your heart.

Top 5 Adorable Dog Breeds

1. Shar Pei

This dog breed is popularly known for its amazing cute looks. They are the best dogs for a cuddle. As we all know, the smaller the cutter. These adorable pets are the best dog to buy for your family, they will immediately create a bond with your kids. It’s no wonder we always see these dogs in commercials and movies, they are just so cute.

2. Pomeranian 

To some, the Pomeranian is the most adorable dog breed ever. Once you meet a Pomeranian, letting them go becomes difficult. With its cute nice hair and loving big eyes, it’s undoubtedly one of the cutest breeds in the world.

3. Golden Retriever

This is one of the most adorable dog breeds you can find on the planet. They have the right size, perfect fluffy hair, and adorable looking face. It’s difficult to see a Golden Retriever and not hug it. Yes! They are that cute. They are always lively, playing and rolling around the house which makes them fun to watch. Your heart will melt watching them play, you might just be tempted to join them and have some fun. 

4. Alaskan Malamute

Although, this might not be your first choice when it comes to friendly dog breeds when it comes down to beauty and looks the Alaskan Malamute is one of the cutest dog breeds in the world.  They are so beautiful and cute when all grown up, but if you meet their cubs, your heart will be melted in an instant. They are a perfect mixture of beauty, fitness, and gorgeousness. You might it’s just an overestimation until you meet one, then you’ll know i’m right.

5. Bernese Mountain Dog

If you are looking for a giant cuddly partner then Bernese Mountain dog breed is the cuddle buddy you’ve been looking for. They are specially designed for cuddling. When you look at their size, hair, and eyes that are both large and cute, what else would you be doing other than to give them a warm cuddle. They are the perfect dog breed to get for your family, they are fun, friendly and kind.

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