Artificial intelligence is reshaping the technology industry by assisting organizations in achieving their goals, making critical decisions, and developing novel goods and services. The AI and machine learning industries are expected to grow by 2022. In recent years, there have been several advancements in AI and machine learning technology. Demands for professionals who have trained themselves in certifications like the Applied AI course are on a rise and are expected to see an upward trend in the coming year.

The Expansion of AI’s Role in Hyper Automation

The process of automating operations through the use of sophisticated technology is known as hyper-automation. Other terms for the same thing include digital process automation and intelligent process automation. Some of the advanced technologies commonly used in hyper-automation include robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), cognitive process automation, and intelligent business process management software. Companies can use conversational AI and RPA to automatically respond to client inquiries and improve their CSAT score. By automating time-consuming procedures, businesses can reduce employee manual labor while increasing productivity.

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

AI technologies are becoming increasingly important in information security. With the help of AI, organizations are developing new techniques to make cybersecurity more automated and risk-free. AI is assisting businesses in improving their cloud migration strategy and the efficacy of big data technologies. Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity market is expected to grow.
A large number of data points are involved in cybersecurity. As a result, artificial intelligence (AI) may be used in cybersecurity to cluster, categorize, analyze, and filter data. AI assists you in correlating multiple data sets and searching for risks by organizing data in a specific way.

AI in IoT

With the help of a 5G network, AI in IoT market has huge potential. The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into IoT can assist smart devices such as wearable devices, virtual assistance, refrigerators, and so on inefficiently analyzing data and making smart decisions based on the collected data without the need for human intervention. It is used to optimize a system and improve performance to meet the needs and desires of the intended audience.

AI in Healthcare

COVID patients have been identified extensively using big data. Artificial intelligence in the healthcare market is growing and assisting the healthcare industry in a significant and accurate manner. Researchers have also developed thermal cameras and mobile applications to monitor individual temperatures and collect data for healthcare institutions. By analyzing data and forecasting various outcomes, artificial intelligence can assist healthcare institutions in a variety of ways.

Natural Language Processing

The Natural Language Processing market is expected to become increasingly popular. NLP is now one of the most widely used artificial intelligence applications. Because humans can now speak with machines that understand their language, NLP has reduced the need for writing or interacting with a screen.

AI in Computer Vision Market

The incorporation of AI in the Computer Vision market has transformed existing computer systems into smart computers with the following functionalities: tracking humans, analyzing human posture and movements, and vehicles for data collection as well as for law enforcement officers.

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