Ko Olina is a popular resort community which is situated on the Coast of Oahu, Japan. The distance from downtown Honolulu is about 24 miles and has incredible man-made features that include lagoons that offer protected swimming as well as crisp clean sand beaches. Ko Olina community was developed starting 1980 and this amazing community is now the home to four world-class resorts, restaurants, shops, golf clubs, and residential communities. The communities are connected by more than five miles of walkways along the beachfront lagoons, which ensures that you guarantee an amazing picturesque experience.

When you are on a   Ko Olina tour, here are the beach villas that you should visit.

1. Ocean Tower 801

This is one of the best beach villas that you can visit. This place helps to ensure that your travel plans are successful, and will coordinate with you to find a fantastic solution if you test negative for covid on arrival. Moreover, you should be on the lookout for offers because this establishment at times offers reduced prices and you can benefit by saving a lot if you visit during those times. While at this Ko Olina beach house, you will enjoy walking along the lagoons, as you pass through the home of Ko Olina Golf Course and other spectacular features. These individually owned villas are zoned to ensure that the people who stay there can have the privacy that they need, and each villa offers a maximum occupancy of 6 people. The living room, and also the bedrooms are luxuriously furnished to provide you with the comfort and luxury that you need.

2. OT204#2

This is among the majestic beach villas at Ko Olina and its most ideal for those who want an exclusive property to rent in Ko Olina. This place is quickly becoming the resort of preference in Ko Olina, and you will find that you can enjoy an amazing stay on the second of the four lagoons at Ko Olina. This condo property is just miles from Honolulu and Waikiki.

3. Ocean Tower 205

This is among the beach villas that you can visit in Ko Olina. Other than being a new property, it provides you with a view that is hardly matched. At this place, you can enjoy the peace, as well as the tranquility which Ko Olina offers. The property is accessible, and it’s just within 25 miles from Honolulu, which is incredible. The beach villa accommodates up to 8 people, and the interiors have been finished to make it look modern and elegant. The master bedroom is spacious and has a private bath, and has a sliding door which when opened, directs you to a direct view of the golf course.

4. Ocean Tower 204/205

This property is located on the second out of the 4 lagoons and it’s home to the incredible 4 Seasons and the Olina Golf course. This remains one of the oceanfront properties which are available to rent. You can enjoy the peace and the quiet environment which this environment offers. In this private property, you can enjoy the privacy, as well as the comfort that this premium residential property offers.

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