The Republic of the Philippines the archipelagic country of Southeast Asia is the paramount option for any student seeking Study MBBS abroad. This island country is the top opted destination for Indian Medical students past decade. Students are highly fascinated towards study MBBS in the Philippines majorly on the Global standards of education offered by the Philippines.

The list carries on along with innumerable favorable conditions including top-ranked medical universities, globally recognized medical degrees; high pass percentage in FMGE, low tuition fee structure, affordable cost of living, Indian food availability, widely English speaking country, similar climatic conditions to India and so. You can find every added advantage of studying MBBS in Philippines here to evaluate among the choices available to study MBBS across the globe.

Philippines the Island country pioneered as the top medical educational hub past few years for Indian Medical aspirants. The popularity is rising continuously accommodating thousands of Indian and foreign students at most of the Philippines Medical Colleges. MBBS in Philippines emerged to be one of the greatest opportunities particularly for those middle and lower-class students dreaming to get Global standards of Medical Education at an affordable fee structure.

If you wish to make a career in medicine, it is important to enroll in a top ranked medical college. Over the years, there has been higher competition among colleges and each of these institutions is vying for top rankings. There are many factors on which Philippines Medical Colleges Ranking is based today.

Philippines Medical Colleges Ranking – Which Factors are Rankings Based On?

  • Reputation – The reputation of a medical college depends on a survey of deans, provosts and presidents from other institutions.
  • Location – The top ranked medical colleges have a convenient location, and are easily accessible by public transport facilities such as bus, tube etc. Most of the best ranked colleges have a centralized location, and you can save a lot of time commuting. You can devote the saved time to your studies. If you have to access a college that is not conveniently located, you may be in for a bad experience.
  • Alumni Network – The reputation and therefore the ranking of medical colleges depend a lot on having a good alumni network. A solid network means recruiters from reputed companies can turn up for campus selection. A good alumni network reflects on the ambience of the college.
  • Accreditation – Accreditation is essential for every college, and it gives a sense of authenticity to the institution which brings in new students. The institution can get a good name, and be trusted by students, faculty and others. The courses and education imparted in accredited colleges are more reliable.
  • Academics – The quality of academics in the top ranked institutions is more superior, and can help students get in-depth information about medicine, develop their skills and have a good time while learning about the domain. This helps them get a better idea and foothold in the domain of medicine and healthcare.

By Manali