Fall is a romantic time for Seattle wedding photographers to shoot wedding photos. Many people prefer to get married at this time because the weather is cooler than in the summer. The leaves also change color, creating an incredible backdrop for wedding photos. Here are the top professional photography trends for fall 2022:

Bright, Bold Colors

Modern photographers are emphasizing bright, bold hues rather than pastel, subtle colors that were popular in the past. Adding jewel tones of deep purples, greens, and reds, into the décor can make the photos elegantly stand out. 

If you are planning to wear a white wedding dress, adding pops of color is perfectly fine. Bridesmaids can put on brightly-colored dresses, or you can incorporate bold hues into the flowers. Jewel tones are a popular wedding photographer trends for fall 2022 that you should try out.

If you don’t like jewel-toned colors, you can choose neutral color palettes. Add texture with dried flowers, velvets, and cozy and warm touches. 


Fall is an ideal time to include nature in the décor. The cool weather and the leaves changing color make it a great time to have a wedding outdoors. If you want an outdoor ceremony, choose a location with beautiful views and exchange your vows surrounded by nature. 

For an indoor ceremony, you can include leaves or nature-inspired décor or use fall colors in the food or flowers. Incorporating nature will make the wedding feel special and unique. Plus, it’s a popular trend because there are many options to choose from.

Soft Lighting

Lighting is really important because the sun goes down earlier in the fall. Apart from some fun candles, you can include neon signs and whimsical LED lighting to capture incredible photos. 

Heavy editing and stark contrasts will lose popularity in 2022. More couples prefer soft lighting now than ever before. Couples put more effort into planning the timing of their wedding day around golden hour to get amazing photos. 

Appreciation of film aesthetics has become prominent. The love for breathtaking ‘golden hour’ moments and soft skin tones are expected to trend for fall in 2022. 


Capturing authentic wedding photos with no filters is a trend you can expect to see in 2022. Using a digital platform, you may want to share those photos with family and friends. True to life, authentic photos will capture your memories in a special way.

When capturing wedding photos, the photographer will do minimal edits that look real and natural. You can add drama to your photos by including unusual colors, lighting effects, high-contrast elements, and techniques like super close zooms. Photos that incorporate realistic and surreal elements create eye-catching, engaging pieces. 

Hire the Best Seattle Wedding Photographers

Your wedding deserves beautiful videos and photos that you will love. The best Seattle wedding photographers will offer a variety of styles to capture your personality. Ask to view images of similar weddings they have shot to see if you like their style. Pick a photographer with experience and the ability to work under pressure to capture important moments well.

By Manali