The AA community is regarded to be one of the communities working effortlessly to ensure that alcoholism is stopped in the world at large. It is important to note that this community is open to everybody. It does not matter if you are a male, female, adult, or teenager. 

There are various anonymous meetings that are held, but most people don’t know about these meetings and their purpose. That is exactly what you will get to see in this article. You will find out more about alcoholics anonymous meetings via AA meetings Rochester, NY.

Various Types Of Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Open meetings

They are called open meetings because anybody can access them. Males, females, young and old who are battling with alcohol addiction. Note that membership is open to anybody who looks forward to stopping too much intake of alcohol. Open meetings can be in the form of big events that would involve people sharing their stories and tips on how alcohol addiction can be curbed.

Closed meetings

Certain people, and not just anybody, can only access closed meetings. These meetings could be mainly for those who want to share their stories and express how badly they have gotten into the act. This way, the effect would be more for those who look forward to getting out of the act.

Beginners meeting

Regardless of who you are and how you got into the community, you might need to attend a beginner’s meeting, not because you’re not already a part of them but because you might just need to get acquainted with the process and activities of the community. If you want to have a piece of in-depth knowledge about the community, then it is wise to attend the beginner’s meeting.

12 step meeting

The 12-step meeting is where they get to show you the founding principles of the community and how things work there. Upon creation of the community, there were 12 things put out by the founders, which happened to be the bedrock of the community.

Big book study meetings

The big book study meeting is one where you get to find out the story of Alcoholics Anonymous. You get to find out how hundreds of people were able to come out of alcohol addiction. This big book study would actually help those who are trying to come out of the act and also provide them realistic measures on how to stop alcohol.

Demographics specific meetings 

This is a kind of meeting that attends to the differences in people and how bad the addiction might have become. The meeting is open to men, women, gays, bisexuals, transgender. This just helps people find the right set of circles that they could relate with so that they would get solutions faster to the issues.

Substance specific meetings

This is a kind of meeting where you get to find people with similar substances they take and how it can be controlled. There are also people that might have battled with multiple substances. You will get to find people who have been in similar shoes and come out faster.

Behavior based meetings

This has to do with the behaviours of people in relation to alcohol and also the things that might have caused the alcohol addiction. Many people have different things that spur up the idea of drinking be it trauma or esteem reasons. It differs so behavior based meetings will help you be in the right circle.

Now that you have known all of these, you are not ignorant about the various types of alcoholics anonymous meetings.

By Manali