Erectile dysfunction can be defined as the inability to maintain or achieve an erection sufficient for intimate satisfaction.

Erectile dysfunction often referred to as ED is the inability to get or keep an erection that is required to perform a physical activity that is pleasing. It is a problem that affects around 18 million males across the United States only. Although erectile dysfunction could affect anyone of any age after they are in their teens it is more prevalent among men who are over 40 years old. Mature, and the risk increases with each passing decade.

Here are some of the most unusual Motives that trigger Erectile Dysfunction issues for men.

Extreme Masturbation

The saying goes that excess of anything can be frightening and masturbation’s not any different. While masturbation has been proven as a way to reduce stress, and can even enhance your sexual experience but overdoing it, especially in odd ways, could be a sign of the possibility of erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, various types of research suggest a common connection between sexual dysfunction as well as an obsession with porn. This is the reason why people who are obsessed with porn may have difficulty getting an erection after the course of a sexual encounter.


Long hours of sitting with no movement can trigger condensation of the tissues around the perinea and blood vessels. This results in nerve damage. This causes erectile dysfunction. Certain blockages are more severe than others. If you are experiencing feeling discomfort or dullness of the penis, change your posture while riding and take time out. It may be beneficial to consider a different seat as well.

Peyronie’s Disease

The condition causes penis curvature due to a hardened layer of scar tissue. This causes pain when a male is having an erection.

Peyronie’s disease affects one hundred men and is a condition that results in uncomfortable erections, thus impacting sexual life. The primary causes of this health issue are the formation of wound tissue or genetic injuries, as well as injuries to the penile muscles. In mild instances, the condition improves as time passes. But, patients who experience chronic bleeding erections over long durations need to consult with an ED expert with a legitimate institution, such as Cenforce 100 is the most appropriate treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Obesity and Sedentary Lifestyle

You’ve probably already realized that being overweight can be dangerous to your well-being. However, did you know that being overweight can make your body turn Testosterone into estrogen? This is one of the reasons why experts suggest that the fact that obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle could cause problems with erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, this is an issue that can be overcome. With the proper assistance, you can lose weight and start exercising more. When you start you’ll notice your erections as more stable and last longer. Always consult your physician prior to beginning any kind of diet or exercise program however.


A steady flow of penis-specific blood is necessary to ensure an erection that is healthy. A high blood pressure could damage the arteries, resulting as inflammation and reduced capacity to carry blood. It is also common for those suffering from hypertension to suffer without sexual excitement and experience issues with the ejaculation. People who take medication to manage hypertension are more likely to be getting ED.

Lower Testosterone Levels

One in four men has lower testosterone levels than normal which is also known as low testosterone. Low testosterone can trigger all kinds of health issues for men such as insomnia, hair loss, insufficient sexual drive, and erectile dysfunction.

The more moderate your level of Testosterone is, the more symptoms you might encounter. It’s easy to detect by a simple blood test and is managed with medication. After testosterone levels have returned to normal, many men will notice their ED symptoms getting more subtle or disappearing eventually. However, Cenforce 200 Pills can help in an actual fight against problems with ED.

Your wife befriending your Friends

It’s widely acknowledged that emotional factors can play an important role when it comes to sexual activity. However, here’s a fresh one: having your wife spend more time with male acquaintances than you do can put you up with a greater chance to experience erectile dysfunction according to research.

Researchers studied more than 3,000 men aged between 57 and 85. They found that males whose girlfriend was too familiar with their circle of friends had a 92% higher chance have difficulty obtaining or maintaining an erection than a man whose spouse did not.

Researchers suggested this could be due to social notions about manhood in young and older males. In the 70s and 80s have seen the group almost disappeared, likely due to the fact that older men are able to make different judgments about their manhood.


Are you taking any prescribed or over-the-counter medications regularly? Certain medications can make it difficult for you to achieve or maintain an erection. These include antihistamines, antidepressants, or blood pressure medication. While these Cenforce 150 medications can cause some conditions, they could affect nerves, hormones, or blood flow, increasing the possibility of having erectile dysfunction. If you think your ED might be caused by medication, it’s best to talk about it with your doctor.

By Manali