Toppings is one such aspect of a pizza that is highly customizable and personalized all around the world pertaining to different people’s varying tastes and preferences. While there are popular and common toppings all around taking up space on pizzas, there are also some unusual style toppings that might be worth trying. You are not obligated to like them however not trying these out might be missing out on your part.

While there are most popular and frequently consumed pizza toppings like pepperoni and cheese, even toppings like pineapples and anchovies are not fairly uncommon at all. Prontos pizza like Margherita or Chicken Alfredo are a nice distinction of this particular meal but those are also not quite unusual per se. Following are some of the truly unusual toppings for your pizza in case you would like a food adventure.

Taco Style Toppings

This particular style uses the same ingredients as toppings as what makes up a taco. These ingredients include ground beef, lettuce and cheese. You can use the standard tomato sauce or else add a layer of fried beans for that tangy southwestern taste.

Corn is another ingredient which goes great as a topping on taco style pizzas. This topping mixes well with other taco-based toppings like salsa salads, lettuce or other veggies in a veg taco.

Hamburger Style Toppings

Similar to taco style, you can also use hamburger or cheeseburger ingredients as toppings on your pizza. If you happen to be a fan of hamburgers and pizza both then you can certainly get the best of both worlds by mixing the two up in one nice dish. Ground beef combined with bacon strips and American cheese as toppings will that authentic hamburger taste to your pizza. Don’t forget to include barbeque sauce for that additional tangy and spicy flavour.

Macaroni And Cheese Toppings

This one includes adding a layer of standard mac and cheese on the top of your pizza as a topping. While this pairing may sound odd at first, many people tend to enjoy this combination because it takes them back to their childhood with the taste of one of their favourite childhood foods, macaroni and cheese.

Turkey Based Toppings

Thanksgiving is a meal-oriented holiday and there are often leftovers once the feast is over. Most people use that leftover turkey to make meals like turkey soup or turkey sandwiches. However, this meat can also be used as a topping on pizza. Pizza lovers can pile up turkey meat and other thanksgiving dishes on top of their pizza and enjoy a combination meal including the taste of both these separate meals.

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Irish Pizza Toppings

This particular one uses ingredients that are usually part of standard Irish meals as toppings on a pizza. Corned beef, carrots, cabbage and onions etc are parts of regular Irish cuisine that can go well as pizza toppings. Including in fresh tomato sauce with these will bring out the strong, sweet flavour even more.

Omelet Based Toppings

This one can be made by using an already cooked omelette paired with tomato or barbecue sauce as pizza toppings. Or else, you can just put ingredients that are normally put in an omelette like cheese and vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, dried coriander etc separately on top of your pizza crust. For more information Click Here.

Sweet Pizza Toppings

These include certain sweet treats used as toppings on a pizza. Peanut butter and jelly, cookie pieces, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce can be used to make sweet dessert pizzas to be relished after meals.

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