Whether you’re constantly trying out mods or your vehicle is still in its original condition, 2022 is the perfect year to upgrade your truck. Here’s your guide to the essentials for getting your truck ready to handle severe weather and extreme terrain.

Finding All-Weather Accessories

Off-roading requires certain equipment to make sure your truck can handle rough trails and piles of mud. When you go off-roading, though, you’re also more likely to get caught in a storm or other severe weather. As a result, investing in all-weather accessories is a must.

For example, a brush guard keeps rocks and sticks from scratching your bumper, shattering your headlights, or getting caught in your grille. That way, when you’re on the trail and the wind picks up, you don’t have to worry about flying debris. Additionally, if you’re concerned about visibility during a storm, bush guards offer the perfect place to add your heavy-duty lights. 

After choosing a high-quality brush guard such as the Westin HDX, invest in floor liners to protect your truck bed. That way, when you’re out in a heavy storm, you don’t need to worry about getting mud or melting snow all over your floor. For the most convenience, choose rubber or machine-washable liners that are rated for extreme weather.

In case you’re out in the snow, ensure that your truck’s tires provide enough traction that you won’t get stuck. Choose tires that have treads in a zig-zag pattern, which improves your traction on slippery surfaces. The tires should also have deep treads so that snow doesn’t fill up all the cracks and make your tires too smooth to grip the trail. 

Taking Your Truck Off-Road

In addition to these all-weather accessories, some equipment is essential no matter what weather you’re off-roading in. Use your Black Horse brush guard to install a winch in case you need to help a fellow off-roader who gets stuck on a muddy trail. Plenty of heavy-duty rope or recovery straps and a well-stocked toolbox also come in handy.

Rookies may think that fully-pumped tires are the best for off-roading. In reality, your truck can handle the trail best when its tire pressure is slightly low. For example, if your tires are supposed to have 30 psi of air pressure, you should lower that pressure to 15 psi before hitting the trails. Use a tire deflator to handle the process, and don’t forget an air compressor with a gauge for when it’s time to get back on the highway.

If you smoke and drop your cigarette butt on the ground or if you have an electrical problem, it’s easy to start a fire when you’re offroading. To keep your small blaze from becoming a wildfire, keep a fire extinguisher in your truck. Make sure it’s rated to handle oil or gas fires.

If you want to take your vehicle to the next level in 2022, check out a few of these mods for your truck.

By Manali