Believe it or not but slot players used to manipulate the machines, although it rarely happens today – play Enchanted Prince slot online. Read on to find out about the ways that people cheated.


Whenever there is money involved, there will always be somebody who tries to cheat in order to get their hands on it. This is often a problem in casinos, particularly with free slots UK games. While in recent years, cheating in slot gaming has gone down drastically, in the past this has been a serious issue.

When the machines used physical reels and were much less high tech, slots tended to become the victim of cheating more than most. Players often found novel and ingenious ways to manipulate lady luck, changing the outcome of a spin to a winning combination. However as the old adage goes, cheaters never prosper, many slot cheating methods were discovered and stopped by new technologies introduced into casinos. There were many insane methods that these cheaters used. 


The methods that some players took to cheat are nothing short of astonishing. The following are some of the most popular cheating methods that players used. 

  •     Coin on a string – Perhaps the most infamous cheating method, players would tie a piece of string to their finger and a coin. When they entered the coin into a machine, the would use the string to pull it back out. Modern slot machines have since ensured that this method can no longer work.
  •     Magnets – Some players took literal magnets to their favourite casinos, in order to manipulate the reels themselves. Essentially, the player would use a magnet strong enough to move the reels to a winning combination. This method was never too popular with players as it required using cumbersome magnets and it was very hard to pull off successfully.
  •     Climb into the machine – When all else failed, some players would climb into the machine and turn the reels themself. This sounds as desperate as it is and it almost never worked out for the cheating player. One infamous story involved a player climbing into a machine, getting stuck and requiring help from the very casino they were attempting to steal from.

Modern slots 

Modern slot games have not run into the same issues of cheating that classic machines have. There are a variety of reasons why modern slots have been better protected against prospective cheaters. 

  1. Technology is a big factor in modern slots being able to withstand attempted cheaters. The machines are better able to recognise things such as coins on a string and are built to withstand players using magnets. Also, the reels no longer exist in a physical capacity, making attempts to change the reels completely redundant.
  2. Technology in the casino also helps, higher quality CCTV helps to identify and keep track of potential cheaters as well as shift looking individuals. There is also enhanced security and facial recognition software which helps combat this issue. 


Thanks to modern technology, cheaters never prosper in a casino anymore!

By Manali