If you have been dealing with any kind of eye infection lately and your eyes are feeling a bit itchy, sting, red, or gritty because of that, the reason behind this might be because it has been exposed to an excessive amount of pollution recently. 

Due to this, you might get a dry eye in which you can feel that some sand is stuck in your eye. This kind of situation generally happens when the tiny glands around and in your eye glands are not making enough tears to keep your vision clear. 

For this, you can treat your dry eyes with any kind of eye ointment that contains ocular steroids. You can also try out several different kinds of home remedies as well in order to get rid of the disease and get your vision back. 

Change Environment 

One of the best ways to deal with a dry eye is to try changing your environment. The reason behind this is that most such conditions happen when your eyes get too much exposure to a polluted environment, such as smoke or dust, etc. 

For this, you can try to avoid such places and stay indoors as well as use proper eyewear that can help you to protect your eyes from getting wind in them when you are engaging in different social activities or when you’re driving or riding something. 

If you tend to live in a rather dry setting, you can also try getting a humidifier for your house that can be a great help for you as it will add some moisture in your home setting and aid you to get rid of the scenarios of dry eye. 

Eat Fatty Acids 

Another one of the many things that can help you to protect from getting a dry eye is proper and healthy amounts of more omega-3 fatty acids that can help you a lot in relieving the symptoms of allergies and rashes as well as dry eyes. 

This is important as fat tends to decrease the inflammation in the body and helps to fight against diseases like that. It can also cure dry eyes by reducing the inflammation around your eyes and allowing its glands to produce more tears. 

Some of the foods that are high in such fatty acids are tuna, salmon, soya beans, trout, sardines, etc., and they contain healthy fats that would help your oil-making glands in the eye and help you to ease the irritation caused due to dry eye. 

Warm Compresses 

The tears in our eyes are made up of oil, mucus, and water, which is why your eyes need all of these three parts to stay naturally moisturized as well as properly healthy to provide you with clear and itch-free vision. 

Improper functioning of these oil-making glands can make your eyelids inflamed and flaky. To ease out this irritation in your eyes and loosen clogged oil in your eyelids, you can also use a wet and clean washcloth with warm water and then place it over your infected eye.

By Manali

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