Your dog might be one of the well-behaved ones, but is he smart? How can you know if you have a genius dog? With intelligent dogs, you should be careful since there are downsides too. You must be observant and try to notice when the dogs are feeling bored. Intelligent dogs understand things fast. It will help if you put your whole effort into training the dogs right from the beginning.

Further, measuring a dog’s intelligence is tricky. Firstly, you should know what you want the dog to do? There are different concepts of innovation for other dogs. For some, it’s having a sharp memory, while sniffing may be competent for some.

How Can You Tell If You Have a Genius dog?

1.            Dogs Can Figure Things Out Very Quickly

If your dog gets whatever you are saying, they are indeed intelligent. They can figure out all the tricky toys and talk with you. When you see dogs connecting the dots, then they are brilliant. They have intelligent brains, and they can understand well. The intelligence is not limited to any specific breeds and is unanimous.

2.            Learning New Names Quickly

Many dogs are given different toys to play with. After some time, if your dog gets the name of each of its toys, then its brain is smart. Further, the dogs can pick up the correct toys only after 10 minutes of saying the name of the toys.

3.            Find Any Hidden Treat

Finding hidden treats is a favorite activity for so many dogs. For instance, put the treats inside a cup and let them search for them. Some dogs can find pleasure straight away. The ones who can find it quickly can observe things. They can remember well and then find the hidden items.

4.            Finding of Opening Door

All intelligent dogs can find open doors quite easily. One way of doing it is by opening the door first. Then close the door and ask the dog to open the door again. They will know the most innovative way of getting inside the room.

5.            Cuddling When You Are Sad

People experience trauma and sadness in their lives. Dogs are beautiful companions who try to understand your pain. So, after having a bad day, if you find your dog near you, know they are intelligent enough to understand what you are going through. The dogs will come to cuddle and hug you. Then, they will stay by your side until you feel good again. Then, they give you love and want love back.

6.            They Know When You Are Leaving for a Vacation

Dogs have some sixth sense since they know when you will leave them and go. So, if you pack your bags, you will notice changes in the dog’s behavior. Additionally, they pay attention to the steps. Before you leave your house, make sure to have enough safety arrangements for your pet.

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7.            The dogs always want attention

All dogs love attention, but some are very clingy. Smarter dogs come to you and lay their heads under your hands. They will want you to pet them. They will stick by your side if you ignore them.

Look for intelligence signs in your dogs. Intelligent dogs will always follow your orders and be by your side.

By Manali