Windows are a feature that can be seen from the inside and outside of your home. They’re also crucial for both aesthetics and function. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right windows.

Allowing in natural light and energy efficiency are two of the most important jobs of windows. A smart homeowner is always informed when making big decisions about home improvement.

Need a guide to residential windows? Here are the most popular types of windows you’ll see in homes.

Casement Windows

Casement windows use a crank to open them. These windows swing outward from a verticle hinge, similar to a door. This stylish and classic option looks great with traditional-style homes.

The crank feature allows you to open a pane as much or little as you prefer. With a casement window, you’ll be able to control how much air comes into your home.

However, casement windows are not ideal for window air conditioner units.

Picture Windows

Common in many modern homes, picture windows offer large, unobstructed views of the outside. These windows feature a single pane of glass with framing only around the sides.

These windows can be stunning from the inside and outside. However, picture windows have no mechanisms that allow them to open. So if you prefer airflow throughout the home, picture windows may not be for you.

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Single- And Double-Hung Windows

The style of window you’ll see most often are single- and double-hung windows. These windows use a verticle track to slide open. Single-hung windows only open from the bottom pane; however, both the top and bottom slide open with double-hung windows.

These windows offer good ventilation, are easy to clean, and are easy to replace. The style looks great, so these window styles can perfectly match any interior or exterior style.

Double-hung windows tend to be more expensive than single-hung windows. But, comparatively, both are budget-friendly options for a home remodeling project.

Sliding Windows

Another of the most common window types is the sliding window. This style features two panes hung in a horizontal orientation. The window panes slide over one another, allowing you to open both sides of the window.

Though common, sliding windows don’t offer much curb appeal and can obstruct views. Homeowners tend to prefer this style for the side of the house or the basement.

However, sliding windows are the least expensive window type to purchase and install.

Awning Windows

Awning windows open outward, hinging from the top of the window frame. They protrude out from the house, similar to an awning.

This window style is a great option for second-story rooms because the open window won’t interfere with walkways. They’re often paired with other windows rather than the main window.

Awning windows provide decent airflow. The style is ideal if you want to leave windows open when it rains.

Find the Right Types of Windows for Your Home

They say windows are the eyes of the house, and everyone knows the eyes are the most beautiful feature. The same goes for the windows in your home. Windows are a detail that affects the inside and outside, so choosing the right style is crucial.

Whether you’re replacing windows for cosmetic or functional reasons, knowing the options for types of windows can help make your decision easier.

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By Manali