In 2021 the global recreational vehicle market grew beyond a value of $70 billion. You might be wondering “what is a recreational motor vehicle?”.

In this recreational vehicle guide, we cover what the different types are and the advantages of owning one.

If you want to know if a recreational vehicle is right for you, keep reading.

What Is a Recreational Motor Vehicle?

An RV (recreational vehicle) is a large vehicle specifically designed for adventure and outdoor activities.

RV is a fairly broad term and covers most motorhomes or trailers that contain living quarters. They are generally a type of mobile accommodation suited for camping.

Types of Recreational Vehicle

When buying a recreational vehicle you should be aware that there are different types – motorhomes, trailers, and truck campers.

Motorhomes are split into three classes based on their functionality.

Class A

Class A RVs are built on a bus chassis and are the largest type available. They’re often quite luxurious and can be large enough to sleep up to 10 people.

Some models even come with slide-outs to extend the width of the RV when stationary.

Class B

These are the smallest type and are often referred to as camper vans as they’re built on a van chassis. These are more simple, usually fitted with a small sleeping area, kitchen, and dining area.

Camper vans usually only have one bed so are best suited for couples or solo travelers.

Class C

These are in the midrange between Class A and Class B. Being built on a truck chassis makes them larger than a Claas B but not as cumbersome and difficult to drive as a Class A.

They can usually sleep between 4 and 8 people in the designated sleeping areas and come with a reasonably sized kitchen, dining area, and bathroom.


The main difference between a motorhome and a towing trailer is that you attach to your own vehicle rather than driving the trailer itself. You just need a vehicle with a hitch and a high enough towing capacity.

There are various types with some used for just hauling equipment and others with full living spaces.

Truck Camper

A truck camper is essentially a cabin that can be attached to the bed of a pick-up truck. You can take one of these anywhere your truck can go, and despite being quite small they will often have a kitchen, dining area, and sleeping area.

Recreational Vehicle Benefits

RVs have several benefits. How much these benefits would affect you depends on your lifestyle.

  • You have the flexibility to travel as and when you please
  • You can take whatever you need with you on the road
  • Perfect for family holidays and you can even take pets
  • Allows you to try a minimalist lifestyle
  • Traveling in an RV is cheaper than traveling by car and paying for separate accommodation

When traveling in an RV campsites will charge you various rates depending on the location you want to stay.

Natalbany Creek Campground, for example, has different rates depending on whether or not you are lakeside, and is cheaper outside of holiday times. Head over to for more.

Do You Need an RV?

Now you’re no longer asking “what is a recreational motor vehicle?” and may have already decided that you want to invest in one. If you’re a big fan of camping and outdoor adventures it’s definitely something you would enjoy.

When making a choice think about your own needs to determine if you need a large motorhome, a small trailer, or something in between.

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By Manali