Engineering and technology have gone far beyond using hands to make out sketches and designs for a particular product. There are various ways by which designs can be carried out digitally. Most people usually think that engineers should barely do anything that has to do with software. Is this true?

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It’s not true; software has been developed to aid ease and efficiency in terms of design creation. Have you heard of computer-aided design? In this article, you’ll get to find out everything about it.

Everything Computer-Aided Design

Computer-aided design, popularly known as CAD, dates back to almost 2000 years ago when people were concerned about design and creating things. Design is something that has been in existence for ages now, but they were done in more straining ways and patterns. It took longer to achieve a particular sketch and then convert it into reality. 

What do you think a computer-aided design is?

What Is Computer-Aided Design?

Computer-aided design is digital software that is used to design and document a process waiting to be turned into a reality. These designs are carried out with a system. It is usually practiced by people who engage in engineering drawing. So, we could say that more people who carry out this activity are engineers.

This design is used to develop and optimize products. Normally, there is a need to use a pen and a sketch pad to draft out points and lines for the designs. But now, you do not need to endure all that stress. CAD is a perfect option for you.

Benefits Of Computer Aided Design

Do you know about the significance of this design and what it has contributed to the engineering and tech field? Find out!

It brings a product into an automated form

Sometimes, you might need to erase and do some kind of stressful things on your sketch pad but with a  computer, you can bring your design into automation. It can take your product into an automated format.

It has a wide range of use

Computer-aided design can be applied in various ways. It can be used for industrial products, animated movies, and even applications. Its range of use is one of the reasons why people are interested in it.

It increases the knowledge of the engineer

As an engineer, your productivity is supposed to be topnotch, which is what this does. Using a computer for your designs would help you explore more ways by which you can get the work done professionally.

Types Of Computer Aided Design 


This is known as a two-dimensional aided design. This was the first that came out before an upgrade process came in.


This became widely accepted as it had better features than 2D CAD.

3D wireframe and surface modeling

This is an advanced form of the 3D model with additional features.

Solid Modelling

This is also a new model with advanced design options.

Having seen this, you now have a better knowledge of computer-aided designs.

By Manali