The Dodge Charger is a very popular sports car that has grabbed the attention of every youth. It is an automobile marketed by Dodge whose first production was a show car in 1964. 

The car has about a seven-generation series and comes packed with enormous features that are enough to blow one’s mind. 

However, if you are planning to gift this vehicle to your son, then you must be thinking about how much the dodge charger insurance 20 year old costs.

How much does it cost to insure a Dodge Charger car for 17 to 20-year-olds? 

On average, a Dodge Charger car insurance cost can be expected to be more than $4,200. However, it is very common to understand that insurance rates vary depending on multiple factors. 

This includes the age, model of the vehicle, gender, vehicle value, driving history, and more. 

But if you are thinking about how much a Dodge Charger car insurance for a 17 year old would cost, then here is a chart that will help you understand everything.

  • Dodge Charger insurance for a 17-year-old would cost around $5,300 annually.
  •  Dodge Charger insurance for an 18-year-old cost can be expected to be around $4,200 every year. 
  • Dodge Charger insurance costs for a 19-year-old can cost around $ 3,300 per year.
  • Dodge Charger insurance for a 20-year-old would be around $3,000 annually. 

The cost of Dodge Charger insurance for an 18-year-old is usually high because they lack driving experience. This means they would have to pay more for auto insurance irrespective of the type of car they drive. 

According to sources, an 18-year-old pays around $3000 more than what a 30-year-old would be paying. 

However, young drivers can spend less on this insurance if they are on the same policy as their parents. But when it comes to buying insurance for themselves, it automatically gets higher.

How much does it cost to insure a Dodge Charger according to the model year?

It is quite obvious that the older versions of the Dodge Charger are less costly to insure compared to the new ones. 

In other words, when the car value goes down, it also takes down the comprehensive and collision coverage rates. 

This also means that the type of vehicle you choose to insure would straight away impact the insurance rates. 

Is it expensive to insure a Dodge Charger? 

If this question arises in your mind where you think it would be expensive to insure a Dodge charger, then no it’s not. 

The model comes with excellent crash testing and roll-over testing. Therefore these make the insurance rates moderate than any other. 

What factors influence car insurance besides the car itself?

Are the make and the model of the car the only factor which impacts the insurance? Well, No !! There are a list of things that affects the car insurance rates and it includes 

  • The age of the driver
  • Credit score 
  • The coverage limits 
  • Eligibility for discounts 
  • The gender of the driver 
  • The household driving record
  • Annual mileage of the vehicle
  • ZIP code 
  • Marital status of the driver 
  • Other vehicles that are parents in the household.

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By Manali