Most times, people wonder how many types of insurance we have and sometimes it might be really confusing. You would be wondering what DBA insurance is but don’t worry you will get to find out what it is in this article. Not only that, you will also see its benefits, types and some additional things that come with having a DBA insurance.

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What Is DBA Insurance?

DBA insurance is an acronym for defense base act insurance. It is a type that ensures that US government workers who work outside the shores of America still get their benefits as regards whatever harm that happens to them in the workplace. It is applicable to contractors, sub contractors, field workers and the likes.

Your race does not matter and also the country that you work in. All you need to do is get the insurance and have the necessary documents and then you are covered. This insurance covers health, death, injury related stuff and some others that you will find out in this article.

Types Of DBA Insurance

There are different types of DBA insurance, they include:

Medical insurance

If you work in another country and then you are not able to perform your duties as a worker, you still get to have your benefits and also your medical bills would be taken care of. 

Burial insurance

This is a sad case but it simply involves when a person dies as a result of work activities. The burial of such an individual with DBA covering will ensure that the company takes care of the burial arrangements from the first to the last.

Wages insurance

By having a DBA insurance, you get to have your wages even though you ard not working actively due to being sick or having an injury that might have occured at the workplace thereabout. 

Disability insurance

Due to the fact that a person might have sustained an injury and then it leads to disability, he/she has access to medical care and still has access to his wages just so that he can take care of himself well.

Death insurance

This sounds funny but death is an inevitable occurrence and can happen to anyone at any time. When a person with DBA insurance dies, he/she is entitled to the wages of the deceased and also a particular amount might be given to the family just to run other expenses.

Benefits Of DBA Insurance

Regardless of the situation, be it your fault or not your fault, you have access to get your wage and some benefits just to ensure that you are okay for the period of time including time of incident and recovery process.

Other Things Attached To DBA Insurance

Travel accident

If an accident occurs at the point of going for work activities, you are entitled to benefits and wages. 


Unfortunate events like these can occur but if you are under a DBA insurance, your ransom could get sorted out so far there is proof and you have the necessary paperwork.

By Manali