The electronic performance support system can be abbreviated as EPSS which is software that can be used to provide required information to the user at the time of need. This capacity of electronic performance support systems is very beneficial for numerous companies.

Benefits of electronic performance support system

•It can save cost because it reduces the need for the old methods like manual training, pdfs and many more.

•It provides flexibility to the user by providing an understanding about the application in the place they are comfortable.

•The ROI gets enhanced with the implementation of the software since the employee effectively gets a good grip on the new application in no time.

•Various Formats of media, like, audio, text, images, are included in it. To provide numerous forms of styles for understanding.

•Electronic performance support system assists the employees to get adjusted with the newly formed software, which makes the employee work efficiently on it from the very first day.

After going through the benefits, if you are willing to get an electronic performance support system, you can check the other part of this article. You can create EPSS or buy it from any source. You need to keep some essential characteristics in mind before building it or purchasing it.

Efficient Method To Build An Electronic Performance Support System

•Electronic performance support systems should be able to provide information in numerous formats

The foremost job of an electronic performance support system is to give required data to the user. Henceforth, the first thing that is required to keep in mind is the type of information that is being provided by the system. Information given can be of three types depending upon the context that has been used.

Data-  Whenever the user needs the understanding from the beginning, the information in audio-visual format is very essential whereas the textual data is beneficial for the user who has a prior understanding about the topic and just needs to brush up on the topic. Hence textual and audio-visual are the two formats of data.

Instruction:- If any task involves the instructions that need to be given one by one, then this format is applicable. For example, if any user inquire about the process to open a Gmail account, then the instruction format can help the user to get the required information.

Advise-This is one of the most astonishing things. It behaves like a system that asks the user about his or her desire and then suggests the procedure that will be appropriate to follow. For example, if a user knows the best route to reach the destination then this system will pick the best route that the user can follow conveniently.

•Information provided by it should be relevant

It is essential to have a prior decision about the information that will be relatable for the user when he decides to take the assistance from the electronic performance support system and provide it with the permission to display only the particular information. There is a simple reason behind it. Whenever the user is seeking the help of an electronic performance support system, then he will not have the mentality to go through all the irrelevant information to get the essential information that is required.  Many times this is irrelevant information causes confusion among the users. This problem may force the user to avoid using an electronic performance support system.

•Electronic performance support system should be easily updated

The digital form of electronic performance support system makes the updating process much more convenient and quicker in many ways,  in comparison to,  other forms of media like print, video, and many more. Any user might take the assistance of an electronic performance support system to carry your particular task on specific software. Henceforth, if there is any small change in the software,   then the user may be required to do certain actions in the electronic performance support system to work simultaneously with it. This will reduce all the confusion related to the updates and will help the user to work on any software.


To use an electronic performance report system, it is essential to have a detailed understanding of its performance. Any user can work on it easily only if the user learns about its operation. If an electronic performance system has an appropriate characteristic then any user can use it easily.

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