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If you are throwing a big party or planning an event, you will probably want to provide some entertainment for attendees. The most common type of entertainment for a large gathering is music, whether that is the main attraction at the party or simply a playlist playing in the background.

If you want people to have a good time and have fond memories of your event, music can play a big part in making your party memorable. Choosing the music is also important, since you want people to enjoy what you are playing. If you are planning a party or event for a large group, consider the following types of music:

Dance Music

If you really want to get guests on their feet and having a good time, plan to incorporate some dance music in your playlist. If you choose to hire a DJ, you can request that they play dance songs, whether that means generally upbeat music that will get people moving, or songs with specific steps like the Cha Cha Slide.

If you are playing generally upbeat music, you may want to focus on hip hop, electronic dance music, or even Latin music. If you want to provide live music other than a DJ, you can consider hiring Latina singers, or other musicians or singers known for providing some great dance music. If you play some awesome dance music at your party, people are sure to remember having a great time.


Everyone has a set of songs that they remember from growing up, and tapping into those fond musical memories can really bring your event to the next level. Whether you want people to dance or just to relax and enjoy the party, playing Oldies music from previous decades will make guests feel at home and nostalgic.

There are some Oldies songs that are universally known, and you can start with those to really get your party started. Again you could hire a DJ and give them a list or an idea of your and the guests preferences, or you could even hire live musicians, like an Oldies band to play.


Pop music is also generally well-received at events, and depending on the demographics of your attendees, you can choose your pop music accordingly. Pop music may also contribute to some dancing, and definitely to guests having a good time.

Consider what some of the top songs on the radio are and what your guests will currently be listening to. In addition, your DJ will probably also have a great idea of what music is popular and will probably also be able to mix in some pop music from previous decades to also incorporate some of the Oldies that everyone enjoys.

When planning a large party or event, you can’t go wrong with dance music, Oldies, pop music, or some combination of those. Whether you want to hire a DJ or live singers or musicians, your event for a large group is sure to be a hit with some well-chosen music.

By Manali