What are Double Arm Mixers?

These mixers are specially designed for the purpose of mixing and homogenizing viscous products that are wey and pasty.

From a structural point of view, the sigma blade mixer or dual blade mixer consists of two shaped blades. These blades are placed horizontally and are parallel at the bottom of the trough that mixes.

These twin blades are designed to rotate at different speed levels in opposite and similar directions to make sure the materials are perfectly mixed. Thi sway, the products in the form of wet materials transferred from one blade to the other, turning it into a perfect mix.

The final product can be obtained by using several different types of methodologies. Also, the mixing can be done in different directions depending on the requirement of the viscous products to be mixed. The mixing cycle can be tilted up and down, and it can also be done at various other angles. 

Benefits of Using Twin Blade Mixers

The sigma mixers offer certain benefits, therefore these mixers are used in many different commercial applications in factories and different facilities.

Ease Cleaning

The vertically designed mixer has components like shaft seals, bearings, and boxes that are stuffed in the zone where the product ios ought to be discharged.

Also, the components that are agitated are pulled upwards and downwards depending on the stage of mixing that has reached. All this can be done with the help of hydraulic lifters, which makes the movements, discharge, and subsequent cleaning an easy process to do.

Very Small Footprint

The twin blade mixers are popular in factories because of the minimal amount of space that these mixes take up. This is perhaps the biggest reason behind the popularity of these mixers, apart from the high efficiency.

An Energy-Efficient Solution

The sigma mixer is ideal as it does not have too much horsepower. Rather the horsepower is so optimal that it results in energy efficiency. And this is a benefit for businesses that seek to not cut on profits.

Also, as the electricity bills will continue to increase, therefore the dual mixers are a way of ensuring the mixing of products does not cost too much.

Semi-Continuous Operations

Extra mix vessels often result in a production of mixture of materials not on a continuous, but semi-continuous basis.

Not too Costly

From a cost point of view, the sigma mixture is not too costly to set up. Just like a double planetary, the cost is very much comparable with not too big of a price difference.

Application of Sigma Mixer

If we start to mention the full list of product mixes that are obtained using a sigma mixer, it will literally take forever. however, the dual blade mixer is considered an ideal way to mix sticky, paste-like, and slurry products.

Below are the most popular types of mixes prepared for the following products:

  • Biscuits
  • Ceramics
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Gummies
  • Rubber
  • Explosives
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hot melts
  • Mould preparations
  • Erasers for pencils
  • Mastics

By Manali