Did you know that distilled water has 99.9 percent of all minerals removed?

If you’re looking to find a drinking option that has almost all dissolved solids and bacteria removed, distilled water is a great choice.

It is the purest form of water available. Many people assume that their tapwater is the cleanest source of water they can get, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’re looking to buy distilled water in bulk, buying distilled water from the right sources is paramount.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the best way to buy distilled water near you.

Grocery Stores

You can probably remember the last time you went to the grocery store and checked out the water and soda aisle. Distilled water usually lines the shelves next to spring water, however, it can get expensive.

It can range anywhere from two dollars per gallon upward. Some of the more premium brands will even charge close to $10 per gallon. 

You can find Target distilled water as a quality option that won’t break the bank as much as competitors.

Even when you’re looking at the lowest pricing in your grocery store, that’s still a lot of cash that you need to lay out for basic necessities every week.

Home Delivery

Ultimately, you can use a home delivery service as well. Unfortunately, cheap home delivery of distilled water is still approximately $25 per month. In many locations, this accounts for approximately 15 gallons of water.

While this does fall under the two-dollar-per-gallon price scheme you often see in stores, there are still better ways to go about getting distilled water.

Using a Home Water Distiller

One of the better options for big users of distilled water is home water distillers. A home water distiller can produce a gallon for approximately $0.30.

Because the average American will drink about 58 gallons of water every year and will use about 30 gallons for cooking, there are nearly 90 gallons used.

This means that by going with a home water distiller you could save almost $400 every year.

If you’re looking to cut costs and find the best way to save on distilled water for your daily drinking needs or other uses like CPAP or sleep apnea machines, using a home water distiller is most likely to be the most cost-effective option.

Where to Buy Distilled Water

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to buy distilled water, it may be best to invest in a home water distiller. While you can find gallons of distilled water at grocery stores and order them from home delivery services, these options won’t be nearly as cost-effective. No matter what your use or budget is, you want to factor in the most economical sourcing option that you can.

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By Manali