Reviews of Children about Lego Games:

  • This is the case here. folks are deciding Lego set video games due to the straightforward graphics. a handful of months past I attempted suggesting Raiman Legends to my twelve-year previous first cousin and he aforesaid “Oh! however that’s for kids!
  •  I’d prefer something to do with weapons and shooting, or something for adults! That game is one in every of the foremost fun I’ve had in ages with my friends. Visit for amazing Lego lights.
  •  It’s challenging, it’s SOOO several weird ideas for stages and also the level style is insane! however what did he see? The cartoon covers. constant happens with LEGO.
  • It’s a “simplistic” game with “simple” graphics. I say simple as a result of it’s several of constant graphical enhancements as additional realistic wanting games, it simply uses an artificial version of those characters.
  • Play is meant to be FUN! It’s imagined to be enjoyable, not punitive! If you prefer to travel and pay hours on one boss, rage quit, comeback three days later, rage a small amount more and
  • THEN, beat the boss, then opt for it, however folks got to stop spreading the concept that games need to be hard! Your “gameness” isn’t supported the difficulty of the games you play, or however “gritty” they are.
  •  It’s supported the standard of your time you dedicate to the current superb hobby.
  • Everyone ought to simply do what they want to do and stop deciding other’s expertise based on their own tastes.
  • If we had an additional open mind to stuff like this, perhaps there would be more diversity nowadays and that we wouldn’t be stuck obtaining constant three games per annum from AAA companies…


                       So, it is concluded that children love to play Lego Games.

By Manali