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Are you thinking about purchasing dumbbells set for your home work-out? But the fact is you are not sure about the weight of dumbbells that what weight dumbbells you should buy? If yes then you are on right place, great we will answer you about your dumbbells weigh. It is not an entire guide for men or women for selecting the dumbbells weight and size. But we will enlighten you how to select the right dumbbell weight for specific goals. For instance; strengthen your muscles, losing weight, upper limb muscles, waist and abdominal muscles exercise. We will also enlighten you about the female and male dumbbells size and weight. But you should choose the weight of dumbbells according to your weight lifting capacity. Keep reading if you want to know how heavy do adjustable dumbbells should go?  

How heavy do adjustable dumbbells go?

The answer of this question can’t be given in one statement and in determine fixed weight. It all depends on your fitness level, your fitness goal, your fitness gender and on your budget. But we will enlighten you about the dumbbells weight for beginners and for intermediate and advanced users of dumbbells.

Dumbbells weight for beginners (Male)

The starting should be at normal weight of dumbbells. For men they should start form 5-50lbs (2.5 to 22KG) dumbbell set. It is best for the men beginners. This weight of dumbbells will help you and it is enough for beginners to build muscles. The other weight gain for vary exercises over time are as follow;

  • Military press: 15 – 30 Lbs (7 – 14 KG)
  • Bench press: 20 – 40 Lbs (10 – 20 KG)
  • Squat: 30 – 60 Lbs (14 – 28 KG)
  • Dead-lift: 30 – 70 Lbs (14 – 30 KG)

Dumbbells weight for beginners (Female)    

If you are a girl which never experienced dumbbells lifting before then you should start with a set of 3 -12 pounds. If you want to increase the weight then you can select the following adjustable dumbbells weight; 3 Lb, 5 Lb, 8 Lb, 10 Lb, 12 Lb.

  • Military press: 10 – 20 Lbs (4 – 9 KG)
  • Bench press: 10 – 25 Lbs (4 – 12 KG)
  • Squat: 20 – 40 Lbs (9 – 18 KG)
  • Dead-lift: 20 – 50 Lbs (9 – 24 KG)

Dumbbells weight for intermediate and advanced users (Male)

 If you are intermediate and advanced user of dumbbells then it is best for you to select a pair of dumbbells with 10 pounds to 70 pounds to 100 pounds (5 – 50 KG). But it all depends on you fitness level, your fitness goal. If you can lift more weight then we can’t predict about it that is will gainful or not, because we have no idea about capacity level and ambitions. But most of the time and according to a lay man this weight is perfect for intermediate and advanced users.

Dumbbells weight for intermediate and advanced users (Female) 

Are you an intermediate and advanced female user of dumbbells then you should lift 3 – 25 Lbs (2 – 12 KG) similar to a beginner. After sometime purchase little bit heavier adjustable dumbbells for your home work-out. You should select 30 pounds to 40 pounds dumbbells for squats and dead-lift. Light weight dumbbells are more suitable for the females, even for those who are already in good shape. But we are not restricting you we are enlighten you about the dumbbells weight for mostly girls. We don’t know about your capacity of dumbbells lifting, we are just giving you general information about dumbbells weight lifting for your home work-out.  

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