Dogs are the most loyal creatures on earth. They bring happiness and enjoyment in your life. The only things they need is proper care and attention, the way they give to human. The most important task to decide when you keep dog as your pet is deciding which food is best for them.

It is not easy to choose the right food for your dog.Before deciding the food, you need to understand your dog’s needs and requirement, you also need to understand his or her moods and behaviour. Original Pet Food are the most popular food products for dogs that are highly recommended. It contains all the nutritional ingredients and are available for the all the stages of your dogs.

What does Original Pet Food is made up of ?

When it comes to choose food for your family, you look out for the best ingredients. You look out for green leafy vegetables, whole grains, fresh fruits, as you know the importance of providing nutritious food for their energy and health. Then why to compromise when you are choosing meal for your dog? Your dog also needs healthy and protein full food.

Original Pet Food is a nutritious, balanced diet for dogs of all ages. High-quality meat and turkey meal are used as protein sources. Natural fibre and protein are provided by ancient grains. Organic trace minerals are utilised to keep the skin and coat healthy. Flavonoids, such as vitamin E, are added to support your dog’s natural health defences.

Before feeding your dog any food you need to understand what type of food dogs like. Some dogs like crunchy, dry food while others prefer soft and liquid food. Your food also depends on the brand you select for your dog. Original Pet food balanced all the stages of your dog’s life.

If you have any issues in choosing the food for your dog, you can consult your veterinarian who can give you proper advice. Manufacturers of dog food crush, cook, and mould the fundamental ingredients: meat, poultry, and fish byproducts, as well as feed cereals and soy beans into the meal you see when you unwrap a bag of dog food. After processing, minerals and vitamins are frequently added as supplements.

Ingredients in both dry and wet dog food are frequently the same. The water content in the meal is the primary distinction between the two. Dry dog diets often include less than 10 percent  moisture, and moist dog feeds have 70-80 percent water level.

What other food human can give to their dog?

Can dogs eat caramel ? Many people food are healthy for dog, but it should be given in maximum quantity.The human food that can be given to your dog, is Carrot, Apple, White rice, Dairy items like milk, yogurt, cheese, Peanut butter,Bananas and cucumbers etc. You should consult your veterinarian before giving people food. You should also feed the food that are safe for your dog, it should not harm your pet.

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By Manali