Those who have just begin or planning to initiate their online business often opt for shared server hosting. This is because, generally, the resources and other necessities of the online business are less initially. And, a shared server hosting plan can effectively fulfill sufficient needs at the cheapest rates. 

However, while figuring out which shared server hosting plan to opt for, the foremost you need to consider is the underlying operating system. The underlying operating system must be compatible with your business website for its efficient functioning and high performance. The two most leading and popular platforms in the web industry are Windows Based Shared Hosting  and Linux Shared Hosting. In this article, we will be providing insights into Shared Windows Hosting and its top-notch web hosting provider – WiseSolution. Let us begin with comprehending the functioning of Windows shared web hosting and for whom it can be the perfect hosting solution. 

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Meaning of Windows Shared Hosting

Shared server hosting is a type of web hosting that enables you to host your online business while sharing the same hosting platform with many other users. It also makes you share the web resources with your neighbor users. Since you share the server space as well as resources among numerous users, the shared server hosting plan costs you much less than the other types of web hosting services. Moreover, the shared server running Windows operating system at its base is called Windows shared hosting. 

This type of hosting can be more costly than other shared hosting services because Windows is proprietary software owned by Microsoft and involves a license fee. Since Windows is a product of Microsoft Corporation, you can also obtain the IT assistance of the Microsoft team along with the support of your hosting provider.  Further, you must optimize your Windows shared server properly, such that it does not get resource hungry as it employs Graphical User Interface (GUI). Also, you have to reboot the Windows operating system after every minor patch, driver, or software update.

Who Should Host on a Windows Server?

Following are some of the conditions where Windows shared hosting can serve as the perfect solution for your online business – 

  • If you require a highly secure hosting platform, Windows based hosting can serve the purpose. 
  • Windows shared hosting gives huge support to the applications such as ASP Classic, C#, VB Development,, MySQL, MS Access, etc.
  • You can acquire a Plesk control panel with windows hosting that enables you to manage, run, and host your online business smoothly. 
  • Windows comes with an intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface). This lets anyone with little or no technical knowledge get easily used to working with Windows. 

WiseSolution Introduction

WiseSolution is among the industry-leading web hosting companies. It is highly recognized for rendering the best Windows shared hosting services and facilities at the cheapest prices. The company delivers enterprise-grade hardware to deliver robust support for boosting your business website’s performance. Moreover, you will also get the assurance of round-the-clock technical assistance from the company with every web hosting plan. The company’s experts are always on their toes to provide instant and most accessible solutions to all the issues you might face while hosting your web business. Check out the plans and benefits of the WiseSolution’s Windows shared web hosting India – 

What WiseSolution Windows Shared Hosting Plan Includes?

WiseSolution offers an extensive range of windows shared hosting plans and packages. The company provides each plan or package at the cheapest price possible. The plan price starts from as cheap as Rs 499 per year. WiseSolution web hosting company also provides solid-state drives with cheap Windows shared hosting. With the colossal solid-state drives storage, you get the possibility to maximize your business website’s performance. This also makes your business website deliver 200% faster speed with one-click web page loading.

Furthermore, you get a user-friendly Plesk control panel with your plan in order to perform operations straightforwardly and quickly easy functioning. With the Plesk control panel, you can effortlessly manage as well as control your website, DNS, settings, emails configurations, and other functionings.

Benefits of using WiseSolution’s windows shared hosting plan

99.90% Uptime Guarantee

With the Windows hosting plan, the company ensures a 99.90% uptime network for your business website.

SSL Certificate 

You will obtain a free SSL certificate for your business website. You will be able to shift your website from ‘http’ to ‘https’ quite easily.

High Data Security

The company also renders weekly data backup features along with other advanced security measures such as data encryption, DDoS protection, antivirus software, etc. 

Unlimited Bandwidth

You can acquire unlimited bandwidth to grow your business website effectively. 

Money-back facility

The company provides a 7-days money-back guarantee with each Windows shared hosting India plan. With this, you can have the assurance that you are making a safe investment with the WiseSolution.

Data Center Choice

The company has numerous data centers in the country. You can pick the desired and required location of a data center for the fastest speed and optimal performance of your website. 

Better connectivity

You will acquire consistent network connectivity with a robust infrastructure. Your website will have secure network channels with redundant power

Unlimited email accounts

You will also acquire accessibility to unlimited email accounts with your Web Hosting Windows Plan


You will find that the most common shared server hosting plans operate on Linux operating systems. So, you can generally presume that any web hosting company not specifying the type of shared server hosting plan renders the Linux web hosting. Thus, you must confirm with the web hosting company you are picking if you get the shared server hosting plan or package with Windows or not. Moreover, you can always reach out to the WiseSolution 24/7 customer support service for buying or resolving any queries regarding the best Windows Shared Hosting plans and packages. Also, you can obtain further details for the same at the company’s official site. 

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