If you are handy, you can usually carry out small repairs yourself. You also need a specialist company. Finding a suitable handys company as a layman can sometimes make you lose track. For most clients it is important that the company works reliably, quickly, thoroughly and with high quality. But what else should be considered? We want to support you with our tips so that there are no nasty surprises.


First of all, check whether the respective company basically carries out the desired work. It is best to inquire about further information by telephone with the relevant companies. You should make sure that the company can be easily reached by phone and that the employee on the phone appears friendly, informative and competent. It is essential that your questions are answered in detail and to your complete satisfaction.


An on-site visit is essential to assess the exact scope of work. Companies that only offer “remote diagnostics” and do not offer any viewing appointments often attract negative attention because the prices often rise later during the execution of the order and your planned budget may be exceeded.

It is also very important that the company is punctual and reliably meets the deadline. Tardiness indicates poor work ethic or poor organization.


It is very important that a handy business can give you good advice at any time. Let us know your wishes so that this can be taken into account when preparing the offer. This both before the contract is awarded and during the execution of the work. As a quality feature, a specialist company should respond to customer requests and, if desired, offer suitable advice in the interests of the customer.


Don’t be afraid to ask the company about professional qualifications. For example, have the company owner or the manager show you the certificate of journeyman or master handyman  Bell Canyon. This way you can better assess whether the handy business is qualified. Reputable companies have nothing to hide and will be happy to show you the evidence.


The prices should be communicated transparently before the order is placed. Make sure that the tradesman provides you with an offer or a cost estimate before you sign the order.

The individual positions should be broken down transparently and comprehensively. If you cannot understand one or all of the individual costs, be sure to ask before placing the order. Reputable handy businesses will be happy to explain exactly how the costs are made up.

Your gut feeling

Before you commission a handy business, always listen to your gut feeling. If you have already got an impression of the company and its costs and services in advance, then take your time to reflect on whether the cooperation suits you.

Does the company look serious to you? How is the external appearance? Is it a modern company? How do the employees present themselves? Do they wear clean and neat work clothes?

Appointment for the order

You should quickly discuss the specific date when the work is to be carried out with the handy business. Many handy companies have very full order books, which is why they can only offer limited free time slots. When you find a reputable handyman, you will see that they are in great demand. The sooner you inquire about a specific date, the greater the chance that your desired date can be realized.

Also, get a schedule for the work to be done. This plan is then a binding basis and everyone involved knows exactly when which steps are necessary.

By Manali