Before signing the papers finalizing the close of the purchase for a used car. It is essential that you double-check the following so you don’t end up with a disaster of a car.

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Let’s cut right into the chase


Check to see whether all of the documents are intact and that the owner has all of the documentation. Assess the document in person rather than relying on virtual representations. If there’s any loan payment on the vehicle, make sure they are completely paid off.


The engine is the beating heart of any car, so start there. Check it first thing in the morning while the car is starting for the first time.

Engine Noise

Check for any engine noises; I recommend seeking the assistance of a professional for this. 


Check for black or white smoke coming from the engine. White smoke indicates that the turbo is failing or that something else is wrong, while black smoke indicates that the engine needs to be repaired. 

Oil Leakages

Check for any oil leaks from the engine or under the hood. If everything appears to be in order on the inside, there’s a risk the owner/broker is concealing anything.

Electrical Parts

Be sure that all electrical parts of the car are working perfectly. 

Instrument Cluster

Enter the vehicle, turn the key on, and check the instrument cluster for any warning lights such as Battery Sign, Engine Oil Sign, ABS, Airbag Sign, EPS, etc.


Assess the status of the car’s interiors, such as the dashboard, headliner, doors, and seats.


Examine all of the car’s dents and scratches to see if any pieces are damaged and how many repairs need to be done.

Other things to check are

  • The tire should be in good working order. Double-check the manufacturer of the tires are placed as well.
  • Service History: Ask an authorized service shop of a related car to show you the vehicle’s service history.
  • Drive: Get inside the car and first check the clutch, gears, acceleration, full throttle, and accidental check. Make sure you drive check.
  • It is important to buy a used car from the owner only or an authorized service center. Otherwise, it might be a risky transaction.
  • The number of past owners: It is always preferable to purchase an automobile from the first owner or a maximum of the second owner. Don’t buy an automobile that has had three owners. If you still want to buy it, don’t overpay for it.

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