If you’ve realized it’s time to replace your old headlights with a pair of new ones, you should consider switching to effective LED automotive lights.

Though LED lights may be more expensive to install for car manufacturers, they are significantly better and turn on instantly, unlike HID bulbs that need to warm up to reach their highest brightness.

Undoubtedly, there are numerous benefits of purchasing LED headlights for your car, but people often get confused when it comes to picking which type to choose. It can get complicated pretty quickly.

So, Here is some practical insight about LED lights to help you choose the right headlight for your car.

How Do LED Headlights Work?

A large majority of vehicles use halogen headlights, which works when a thin strip of tungsten wire is heated, producing light. But recently, LED light bulbs have become a popular alternative, and rightfully so.

Halogen lights are quite inefficient compared to LED lights. They are also fragile, have a shorter lifespan, and most of the energy they produce is lost in the form of heat. Worst of all is that they aren’t even that bright.,

On the other hand, LEDs create light by releasing photons, are much brighter, more efficient, and produce a sharper, radiant light beam.

What You Need to Consider Before Buying a Headlight

Know the Regulations in Your Area

Different areas have different policies, for instance, in some locations drivers can be fined if their car’s headlight is too bright since it can blind other vehicle drivers and possibly cause accidents. Common vehicles are also not allowed to have red or blue LEDs in most states and countries because it is generally used for police lights.

Its important to learn the rules of the road not just for being legal but also to keep other drivers on the street safe.

Pick a Suitable Type

The type or design of LED light you pick plays a huge part in its functionality. The two most common design options in the market are projector and reflector headlights.

Projector lights are high-performance lights, similar to halogen lights, look like a circle of light with an empty centre. They are very unlikely to blind oncoming traffic because projector headlamps are directed towards the road.

Reflector headlights consist of a bulb encassed in a steel bowl with pieces of ingrained with an array of prisms on the outer layer. Most new vehicles continue to be made with reflectors.

Check the Light’s Quality and Consistency

A critical element that impacts the quality, cost, and stability of an LED light is rare earth phosphor. In simple terms, phosphor is what makes LED lights usable. 

Many cheap manufacturers use low-grade phosphor to cut down expenses but this causes the light to be discoloured and lowers its quality. CRI or Color Rendering Index is the measure of a light’s quality, and any LED light with a CRI above 85 is considered decent.

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