Implementing a white hat link building strategy is no mean feat. With plenty of competition in the industry today, this comes as no surprise. After all, SEO now focuses more on the quality of your link building than the number of promotional links.

To help you navigate the tricky world of Search Engine Optimisation, we’ve compiled a small list of tips. Following these tips will help you with your white hat link building in no time.

1. Use Link Building Services

While white hat services don’t always come cheap, they don’t always break the bank either. More often than not, companies offering such services allow you a free trial. You can use this trial to gauge whether the service works for you. 

These agencies use high-quality SEO techniques. These techniques help clients build links the right way. This tactic allows them to lend a degree of credibility to your site and all that you have to offer.

You’ll find loads of link building services online. These services follow the ethical route towards directing traffic to your site. These services follow Google’s stringent guidelines for white hat link building.

We recommend such services because they generate customer interest in your brand. There are no generic SEO techniques involved here that may or may not work for your company.

Instead, these services use the latest tips to help you build customer relationships. Moreover, they also help you maintain these relationships in the long run. So, they take a more natural approach towards link building than other SEO solutions do.

Organic backlinking is all the rage these days. So, it’s not surprising that these agencies use it to feature high on Google’s list of websites. Few techniques are more effective to maintain your links and put you at the top of search engine results. 

But, ensure you don’t use expired domains to promote your business. If you do so, it might affect your conversion rate. 

Besides, using link building services gives you the added advantage of result analysis. The SEO agency of your choice will execute the best digital marketing techniques. These techniques will give you impressive results with your click-through rate (CTR). 

When professionals analyze these results, it will help you improve your conversion rates. You’ll see a marked difference in the short and long run.

2. Take Up Blogging

One of the best ways to optimize search engine results is to take up guest post blogging. Few SEO specialists know the importance of fostering relationships with niche-sharing websites.

Now, note that not all websites welcome guest post writers. So, you’ll need to spend a considerable amount of time looking for those that do. But, your time and effort are more than likely to pay off here in the form of backlinking.

If the website you choose to write for enjoys good traffic, you’re in luck. This technique is one of the most widely-accepted forms of white hat link building. There’s nothing shady or suggestive of black hat link building about guest post blogging.

A good rule of thumb to go by here is to promote your site as naturally as possible throughout your post. A few good off page SEO techniques will help you here. 

Remember, you don’t want to sound too salesy, you want to garner interest in your site and services. Also, it matters what customers see once they reach your landing page. Clever use of on page SEO tools will boost your ranking on Google. But, you should use them on your landing page. 

Besides, it would be a good idea to steer clear of posting on a competitor’s site. You shouldn’t redirect your potential customers to your competitors. Even if your competitors receive good traffic, this isn’t a good idea.

3. List Your Business on Google

This tip might sound simplistic, but it’s pretty effective. Google allows you to list your business online at no cost. While Google’s My Business isn’t the most popular way to gain visibility for your website, it’s getting there.

First things first, ensure you verify your listing and fill out all relevant details. If you do this, those wishing to get in touch with you and learn more can do so. But, filling in basic details like these isn’t enough.

Your main concern here should be ranking high on Google’s search results. Several digital marketing techniques can help you get there. But verifying your business is the first step.

Competitors (and pranksters) may edit your business information on Google. In some cases, business owners don’t even receive a notification for the same! So, ensure you check your listing often so you don’t fall into this trap.

Don’t underestimate how an edited listing can impact your link building strategy. Another relevant aspect of Google listings is choosing the right categories.

It’s difficult to boost your click-through rate (CTR) if you’re not visible enough. In other words, you should show up on the relevant search results pages online. Also, adding your location is optional. But, it boosts SEO value, and so, white hat link building.

Another impressive feature that Google allows you to enjoy is adding a video to your listing. Since very few businesses opt to use this feature, it’ll make yours stand out in the eyes of users if you do.

4. Use Web Directories

Like listing your business on Google, you can use web directory submission. These submissions will help you boost your brand visibility. Since White Hat SEO involves ethical ways to direct traffic to your site, you can see why this is effective.

Remember to use the right categories to submit your listing under. Not all directories on the net are free, but that doesn’t mean the free ones aren’t any good. Several free websites allow you to list your business on them and boost your conversion rate.

But, because a website is free, doesn’t mean you should jump at the opportunity to try it out. The reputation of the site featuring your listing affects your reputation.

Also, it helps to note that SEO marketing agencies and link building resellers can prove useful too.

The examples of web directories we’ve linked above can help you get started, but it doesn’t hurt to check them out first. You can check the domain and page authority of a website before you feature your listing on it.

Your directory must have a link to Google if you want to enjoy Search Engine Optimisation. There should be no spam links in the directory of your choice, or you might face penalties from Google.


Finally, link building can be an uphill battle if you don’t know how to navigate it. By crafting an effective strategy and installing sound tactics, you will gain visibility. But, regardless of how you go about it, don’t indulge in using fraudulent methods to promote your business.

White hat link building may take up more time than its more questionable counterpart, but it pays off in the end.

By Manali