Did you know that 77% of Americans report using dietary supplements? If you’re curious about using them to help you hit your health goals, you need to know how to choose and buy them safely.

Keep reading to find the most common fitness supplement shopping mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Picking What’s Cheapest

Getting fit is expensive once you factor in fitness equipment or a monthly gym membership. That’s why so many people are tempted to grab the cheapest supplement they can find on the shelves. Sometimes the adage “you get what you pay for” really rings true, though.

You cannot pick the cheapest supplement and hope for the best. Cheap doesn’t always equal poor quality but sometimes it does. You want to invest in the best quality supplement in your price range.

How to Avoid: Research the supplement before you buy it. You still can score a deal on quality supplements but know what you’re buying before you spend a cent.

2. Going In Blind

You can’t expect to visit a fitness supplement store and buy the first supplement that sounds good. Not every supplement is going to be right for your goals so you need to do some research before shopping.

For example, these post workout supplements are great to use after the gym but aren’t the best option to use beforehand.

How to Avoid: First, determine what your fitness goal is. Next, do some online research about what supplements will support that goal. Research each supplement type to determine what companies manufacture the highest-quality version.

3. Ignoring Customer Reviews

Gone are the days when we have to find out the hard way that a product is garbage. We are lucky to live in a time where we can go online and read infinite product reviews from real customers.

Ignoring customer reviews on the supplements you’re curious about is a big mistake. Real people have used these products before you and can provide testimony on their effectiveness.

How to Avoid: This one is simple. Read online customer reviews for both the supplement company and the individual product you’re hoping to buy.

4. Not Getting Clearance From Your Doctor

A huge mistake people often make when buying supplements online or in-store is to not talk to their doctor first. Dietary supplements can be safe to take, but you should always get clearance from your doctor first.

Your physician might order a blood test to check your current vitamin levels. This can help you prevent serious health complications from vitamin toxicity.

Your doctor might even make supplement recommendations that are right for your goals.

How to Avoid: Don’t buy any supplements before you have a chat with your doctor.

Avoid Making Fitness Supplement Shopping Mistakes

We hope our blog has taught you the common fitness supplement shopping mistakes so you know how to avoid them.

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By Manali