Hiccups are extremely annoying, and most people don’t know how to stop them once they start. The longest amount of time someone had hiccups was for a whopping 68 years!

Most of us want to know how to stop hiccups once they start, and preferably, how to do it the natural way.

Check out this list of eight natural hiccup remedies so you can say goodbye to this medical annoyance once and for all.

1. Drink a Bit of Water

One method that may stop hiccups is to simply sip on a glass of water. Don’t gulp the water, or else you could swallow air and make your hiccups worse. Take slow, small sips of water and see if this helps to stop the hiccups in their tracks.

2. Practice Breathing

While it doesn’t always work, taking a few deep, slow breaths could help stop hiccups. Remember to breathe in and out slowly and deeply. If your breathing is too fast or shallow, it might not do the trick.

3. Stop Hiccups by Breathing Into a Paper Bag

You may not think of this one for hiccup cures, but breathing into a paper bag might actually help. When you breathe in and out of the bag, it increases the level of CO2 in your blood. This may help to quell your hiccups in just a few minutes.

4. Try a Hiccup-Stopping Product

There aren’t many natural hiccup remedies on the market, but some companies are working to change that. Try some delicious lollipops from Hiccupops to help stop hiccups in their tracks. These delicious candies may be able to remedy your annoying hiccups in no time.

5. Do a Simple Exercise

Another way to potentially stop hiccups is to try this quick and simple exercise. Start by pulling your knees toward your chest, then gently learn forward. This exercise may help to stretch the diaphragm and stop hiccups in their tracks.

6. Try Sugar, Bread, or Ice

Some people claim that swallowing a tablespoon of granulated sugar can help to stop hiccups. You can also try swallowing a dry piece of bread or some crushed ice. While there’s no real scientific explanation for these cures, they might work for you.

7. Hold Your Breath

Another simple hiccups treatment is to hold your breath. Make sure you do this for 10 seconds, then breathe in slowly. Repeat the process several times until the hiccups go away.

8. Eat a Lemon

Again, there’s no real scientific evidence to back this claim, but eating half of a lemon may help get rid of hiccups. Trying something extremely sweet or sour could “shock” your system and make the hiccups stop.

Say Goodbye to Pesky Hiccups

Keep these eight natural ways to stop hiccups in mind the next time you’re suffering from this annoying condition. With some trial and error, you can get rid of occasional or even persistent hiccups.

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By Manali