If you have just adopted a dog, or else have just arranged to have a new puppy from a reputable breeder (once they have been properly weaned from their mother), then you will no doubt be incredibly excited to welcome them into your home.

So, with that in mind, while you wait, continue reading to learn of the top five fulfilling ways to bond with your new dog. 

1. Train Your New Dog

Contrary to the cliched adage, it is entirely possible to teach an older, adult dog new and impressive tricks and what is more the process of teaching and training them will inevitably and rather quickly bring you and your dog closer together. 

The better trained your dog is, the more freedom you will naturally allow them and training them to bring their ball or frisbee back to you on command will make them recognize that you are playing with them and increase their love. 

2. Keep Them in Tip-Top Condition

A joint way to look after both your new dog’s physical health and their wellbeing is to register them with a reputable and renowned dog-friendly veterinary practice, such as Midlands Veterinary Practice, as soon as possible.

There are certain things to look for when choosing a vet, including the following:

  • Source personal recommendations from family and friends
  • Make sure the location of the practice is accessible and near to your home
  • Ensure they have an emergency hours operating system 
  • Speak to the staff and ascertain as to whether they seem genuinely committed to the animals

3. Research Dog Behavior

Although every single breed of dog (and indeed individual dog) has a unique personality and different character attributes, it is true to say that the behavior of dogs, regardless of breed, follows a basic structure and pattern of facial expressions, body language and overall behavior. 

Learning about this behavior and knowing how to respond and take care of them when they are excited, nervous or even frightened will strengthen the bond between you and make for a stronger and deeper connection and bond. 

4. Stroke Your Dog All the Time

Especially if you have rescued and adopted a well-deserving dog from an animal charity, but regardless of where you got your dog from, physical connection and stroking and cuddling your dog (on their terms) will provide you both with a myriad of benefits. 

Physical contact plays an incredibly important part in bonding with dogs and stroking them will lower their levels of anxiety and stress and reduce their heart rate. 

5. Be Clear in Your Communication

Even in relationships between one human and another, confusion and miscommunication can play a real part in breaking down a relationship and exactly the same applies to the bond between you and your new dog.

Be consistent with the commands you teach and give your dog, never under any circumstances raise a hand to your dog and always accompany verbal instructions with physical and visual commands and actions too to strengthen the command. 

By Manali