It is not unlikely that from time to time you find yourself suffering from a low mood swing. In fact, many people suffer from these quite a lot within their lifetime, and feeling alone and without help can only make the low mood feel worse. However, there are ways in which you may be able to combat your low mood, before seeking professional help.

#1 Take Up Regular Exercise

You will be surprised by how much exercise can help with your moods. Even just a relatively short walk can clear the mind, boost your morale, and focus your attention on other things other than those that are getting you down, upset, or angry. The more regularly you exercise, the better you will feel, and this is not just down to the released endorphins into your brain that happens every time you exercise, but also down to your feelings about yourself and your body. The feeling of confidence and control that can be gleaned from getting yourself fit and healthy by carrying out regular exercise is something that can lift most downhearted moods.

#2 Change Your Diet

It is amazing how much your diet can affect the moods that you have. Changing certain foods for healthier options or ones that agree with your bodily system more will make an immense difference. However, your body will require time to adapt to your new diet so you may not necessarily feel the differences straight away. 

Depending on the changes that you make and what your diet has been, you could find that you feel the benefits in as little as a couple of weeks, but it may take longer. You may even find that there are foods that promote good mood changes such as cacao nibs which increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your brain, when eaten raw, they are rich in antioxidants which have been linked to lowering the risk of heart disease, and the risk of diabetes amongst others.

#3 Try Alternative Remedies

You could try alternative remedies in your quest to help lighten your moods. There are a few that calm to have a positive effect in this area, but as in all things, human beings are individuals, and what may seem to work on some may not work on others. However, herbal remedies to look out for include:

St John’s Wort

Otherwise known as the sunshine herb, it may be able to help with some mild depression and is available in tablet or capsule forms.


Natural medicine such as licorice may help with stress relief. Stress, as you have probably gathered, can influence how you feel and bring about low moods.

Always consult with a professional medical practitioner before taking any supplements or herbal remedies, especially if you are on any other form of medication.


CBD oil is obtained from the cannabis plant and added to a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp seed oil. It is not addictive in any way and is legal. CBD is available in different variations such as capsules, caplets, and gummies. To get the best possible outcomes from taking CBD, you should make sure that you are obtaining high quality cbd gummies from licensed suppliers.

#4 Improve Your Social Circles

Another way of improving your moods and even longevity is to improve your social circles, whether this means attending more social events with your friends and family, or whether this means getting out there and meeting a lot more people is totally up to you. However, you must surround yourself with happy, bubbly people as you will find that their moods and enthusiasm will rub off on you and make you feel a lot happier as a result.

By Manali