Finding a present for your girlfriend is difficult, let alone for a girl who’s picky when it comes to gifts. And while she might act surprised and happy with whatever you choose for her, the gift doesn’t seem great if it is not personalised.

Gifts don’t always have to be ridiculously expensive, but they should convey your love and show her how crazy you are about her. Ideally, you should look for something that has a personalisation factor, emotional value, and is within your budget. If you can’t make a decision, check out our top 5 thoughtful gift ideas your girl will absolutely love.

  1. A Cute Hoodie

Girls have a thing for hoodies. Ask any girlfriend, and she has most likely stolen her boyfriend’s hoodie at some point. Whether it’s because of style or comfort — a hoodie is girls’ go-to clothing option when they have nothing good to wear. They can spend 24 hours in their comfy hoodies, binge-watching Netflix or working from home. Gift her a cute and comfy hoodie on her birthday and let her have the cosiest days of her life.

  • A personalised Gold Locket

When in doubt, gift her jewellery. It’s another excellent gift idea for just about any girl. Whether it is your mother or spouse, you can never go wrong with jewellery. They will feel super special if it’s a gold piece, such as personalised gold chain lockets. Have her name engraved in it or a photo of you two inside the locket. Make sure your photo has the best quality before printing it, you can use a free tool like Picsart photo editor to make it look professional quality.

If your girl is a minimalist, a gold locket with her initials engraved will make a good choice. Explore the latest collection of gold pendants for women online and select the fanciest design for your girl. Layered pendants also make an excellent gift. If you have a budget for a layered necklace, consider adding her initials to each layer to complete her name.

  • Skincare Kit

Pamper your girl with a skincare kit. Whether it’s her birthday or Christmas, she’ll be super happy to have skincare and cosmetic products. These kits are available online. You can also make a customised kit by adding her favourite skincare items. You can include a cleanser, toner, serum, facial masks, sunscreen, moisturiser, and exfoliator.

  1. A Crossbody Bag

No matter how many vintage and modern bags she has, a girl will love to add another piece of a crossbody bag to her collection. A crossbody bag is chic and functional. Your girl can keep a wallet, her go-to makeup brushes, mobile, charger, AirPods, and other essentials she can’t do without. A fancy crossbody bag is often a last-minute gift idea. If you can’t find anything special, gift her a cute and stylish crossbody Louis Vuitton Bag for sale.

  • A Ring

Nothing can make your girl happier than you gifting her a ring from affordable Dayton Ohio jewelry stores. When a guy gifts a girl a ring, it’s either they are showing their love for their spouse or proposing to their girlfriend for a long-term commitment. Either way, a personalised diamond ring is all you need to make her feel special.

By Manali