At least 900,000 known kinds of living insects call the Earth home. However, scientists believe more are awaiting discovery. They also say that insects account for approximately 80% of all living species.

Most of those creatures are beneficial, while many others are benign or harmless. On the other hand, less than 1% are pests.

That may seem like a small percentage, but it still translates to thousands. And unless you’re an entomologist, you may find it hard to tell a “good” bug from a “bad” one.

If you’re not, your next bet is a pest inspection company.

But why exactly is it crucial to differentiate a pest from one that isn’t? Why should you even hire inspectors if you haven’t seen any of the critters?

Keep reading, and you’ll learn all the excellent reasons why.

1. Property-Wide Pest Search and Detection

Just because an animal doesn’t belong in your house doesn’t mean you should use a pesticide on it. The product you use against it might not even work at all. The chemical may even harm you, your family, or other beneficial organisms.

On the other hand, you may not feel a sense of urgency to remove an animal from your home if you’re not aware of its dangers. You might not even know there’s a threat in your home until the pest causes injuries or illnesses.

A home pest inspection company can help nip those risks in the bud by determining if you have pests. To do that, the inspectors search the exteriors and interiors of your abode. They look for signs like dead and live animals, droppings, nests, entry points, and funny smells.

The experts then use the inspection results to identify your unwanted guests.

2. Helps Ensure Proper Pest Identification

Proper identification helps you choose the most appropriate pest control methods. For example, if you have ants, a vinegar-water solution may be enough to eliminate them. However, while it can also kill white ants, it’s not enough to control a termite infestation.

Worse, mistaking white ants for actual ants can lead to a massive termite infestation. That can then result in structural damage costing thousands of dollars to repair.

Knowing what pest you’re dealing with also serves as a warning of the potential damage to your home.

For example, suppose the pest inspection revealed that you have a rodent problem. If so, take it as a sign that you may now have damaged insulation or electrical wires at home. Rodents, including rats and mice, can chew through those materials.

In that case, it’s best to get an HVAC company and electrician to check those areas of your home. Damaged insulation can waste energy, while faulty wires can trigger fires.

3. Faster Implementation of Pest Control

Once an inspector determines the pests you have, they can advise you on the best control methods. That then gives you the chance to implement the strategies immediately. For example, you can hire a pest control company to remove termites from your property.

If you decide to hire a pro, choose one specializing in integrated pest management (IPM). IPM doesn’t rely on pesticides alone; it usually reserves that as a last resort. Instead, it prioritizes non-chemical methods, such as mechanical and biological control.

An example of a mechanical method is using screens to keep insects and animals out. Biological control involves using living organisms, such as a pest’s natural enemies.

4. Provides Opportunities for Pest Prevention

All a mice needs to get into your house is a hole the size of a dime. On the other hand, rats can fit through a crack the size of a quarter. That’s how flexible these animals are and why it’s easy for them to invade homes.

If animals that size can enter such small cracks, imagine how easier it would be for smaller critters. So, if you’re not aware that your house has such openings, you might be unwillingly inviting pests.

Another way rodents can enter your home is by climbing trees and then jumping onto your roof. They can do that if you have tree branches growing too close to your home. From there, they can make their way inside by gnawing through your roof.

You can prevent pests from entering if you seal off all possible entry points. However, it can be hard to find all those cracks, gaps, and holes yourself, so it’s best to get a pest inspection. A professional inspector has the skills and tools to determine how and where pests can enter.

5. Helps Keep Your Family Safe

Pests don’t only cause destruction; they also bring direct and indirect safety risks.

For example, rodents can directly transmit over ten diseases, including leptospirosis and plague. However, they also have vectors, such as fleas and ticks, that spread diseases to other animals. That includes you, your family members, and your animal companions.

Termites may not carry diseases, but they can serve as an allergen. For instance, their feces or body parts can become airborne and trigger allergies. In addition, the dust they generate from feeding can also result in allergy attacks.

Let’s not forget about roaches, which aren’t only frightening but carry pathogens, too. They can then transfer those disease-causing germs to your food or skin. And if it scratches you, you might be at risk of developing an infected wound.

All those should be good enough reasons to get a pest inspection. You can then have the critters removed from your home before they endanger you and your loved ones.

Hire a Pest Inspection Company ASAP

There you have it; the top five reasons to hire a pest inspection company. Aside from helping you discover what critters you have at home, they can also advise you on what to do about them. They can also provide you with insights on preventing pests from coming back.

So, as soon as possible, schedule your home for a pest inspection, even if you haven’t had actual sightings.

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By Manali