Effects of pollution are not only limited to the environment but also impacts human health in so many ways. A part of this impact comes as smog that recently has become the talk of the town and as we are midway through this, smog is affecting us in so many ways. 

From our skin to our throat, smog can bring it all down. This is no wonder that smog is hitting us so badly because this is how mother nature is paying us back. When it comes to smog, most of our routine activities are responsible for this. Smog season is especially problematic for older adults and children. 

When the smog season began last time, my father who was already suffering from asthma developed a severe throat infection. Though we later took him to the best ENT specialist where doctors started treating him. 

How to Stay Healthy this Smog Season?

Though there are huge efforts to control mass activities that are leading to smog. Meanwhile, when problems don’t get resolved, we can work on staying protected from the impacts of smog. Here are the tips that can help you to minimize the harmful impacts of smog on your health. 

1- Avoid excessive exposure

One of the best ways to impact the health impacts of smog is to limit your exposure to smog. Make sure to check the air quality index every morning and accordingly decide the routes from where you travel daily. If you can minimize your outdoor exposure anyway, make sure to do it. If your outdoor visits are unavoidable make sure to use public transport for this purpose. Every time you visit the outdoors, don’t forget to wear your mask.

2- Drink warm water again and again

No matter how much you try, you can’t prevent smog from entering your airways. This in all ways is harmful to your respiratory health so make sure you intake water again. Frequently sipping water will keep your throat clear thus, preventing the irritation and cough you can experience due to smog. You can add a little bit of honey to lukewarm water because honey also has a soothing impact on your throat.

3- Clean your indoor air

Just like outdoor air, preventing yourself from environmental toxins that can accumulate indoors is also important. You can keep your indoor air clean by ensuring proper cleaning indoors. Further, you can invest in an air purifier to keep your indoor air clean and get rid of the irritating irritants to move inside your body and impact your health.

4- Protect your eyes from smog

Another thing that gets affected by the smog is probably your eyes. Irritants in the air can enter your eyes leaving them dry and itchy. However, you can wear your glasses to prevent the side effects of smog. Further, if you suffer from irritated eyes, you can ask your physician to help you choose eye drops that can keep your eyes hydrated and prevent the side effects of smog. Another tip that might help you is probably rinsing your eye with plain water especially when you return from outdoors. 

5- Make wise food choices

Believe it or not, but the kind of food you choose to eat can certainly impact your overall health. You can make the right food choices to prevent the impacts of smog on your overall health. Here are some of the top picks that can help you stay healthy during smog season. 

  • Honey – As told earlier, honey soothes your throat and helps you to keep your throat clean, thus can be a good addition to your diet especially when added to lukewarm water. 
  • Turmeric – Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory spice that is normally found on our kitchen shelves and this generally works well to prevent our respiratory health.
  • Green tea – There are countless benefits of green tea and this comes from its antioxidant property. You can drink it once a day to clear your system thus limiting the harmful impacts of smog. 

Bottom Line!

Smog can be one of the seasonal challenges we come across and can impact our health in several ways. All these tips can surely help to limit the side effects of smog on our overall health. Further, we also need to play our part by keeping an eye on carbon emissions and work towards making the environment greener.

By Manali

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