Since the COVID 19 pandemic, the cryptocurrency market has increased in volatility, experiencing market changes now more than ever before. Because of these increased market fluctuations, the manual trading of cryptocurrency has gotten more complicated. But this situation has also created a growing demand for automated trading bots, and people who were skeptical about it at first have now realized that with the help of these trading tools, they can make the current market state work for them.

Automated trading bots are for the frustrated trader and those who want to venture into crypto trading and don’t have the skills required or enough time to build up those skills. With automated trading robots, people can now trade cryptocurrency with little or no effort and reduce fear of the risk of losing all their funds. A famous trading robot that most traders seem to be using this day is the BitQT. There’s more detailed information about this trading robot at

What BitQT is

BitQT is an app that has made trading easy for everyone irrespective of their trading skills or how much time they can dedicate to trading each day. BitQT was created in 2018 and since then has been popular among traders because of its high profitability rate and the fact that it works independently of the user with little or no input needed. BitQT uses artificial intelligence subsets like Deep Learning (DL) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process human language.

BitQT can also differentiate accurate information from fake and execute deals based on actual market trends and news with these sophisticated algorithms. And through Marketing Language (ML), BitQT can adjust to market changes, making trading profitable no matter the condition of the market. BitQT is also a secure platform, and traders don’t have to worry about hackers or cybercriminals stealing their crypto holdings. BitQT is the best bet for a profitable trading journey.

Features of BitQT

Straightforward Registration

When signing up on BitQT, the registration process is not time-consuming but straight to the point. The instructions are basic and easy to understand, so investors will not have any problem with this process.

Fast payouts

BitQT automatically activates payouts after every live trading session. The software is so efficient that it accurately calculates your earnings and deposits them into your local account within a few seconds of ending a live trading session. This means your earnings are available for withdrawal immediately after every live trading session.

Withdrawals and deposits

This trading bot’s withdrawal and deposit features are also straightforward and fast. The withdrawal process takes less than 24hours to complete. Also, traders can withdraw any day at any time, which means you can withdraw your funds anytime you like or need them. The platform also accepts several payment vendors.

Costs and fees

There are no trading fees, license fees, broker fees, registration fees, or account management fees to worry about on this trading robot. The commission on every profitable trade is not that much, just a meager 1% of your profits. Users have done positive reviews concerning free trading robot that gives people who don’t have much the opportunity to trade.

Tips For Trading With BitQT

1.  Learn about cryptocurrencies and how trading works: although you don’t need prior skills to trade cryptocurrency using Bitcoin robots, it is necessary to have little knowledge of how cryptocurrency works, market trends and patterns, and specific terms used in crypto trading. That way, you’ll reduce the risk of trading.

2.  Start small: some first-time investors make the mistake of starting with huge amounts because they’ve learned that the higher the investment, the higher the profitability, and forget that it also means an increase in the risk of loss. First-time traders should first test the waters with small amounts of money and gradually increase it as they get better at trading.

3.  Trade consistently: someone who trades always will surely make more profit than someone who trades once in a while. Since the bitcoin market is open 24/7, you should use this opportunity to trade as often as you can. It will not only be more profitable but also increase your trading skills.

4.  Maintain your strategy: if your strategy works, stick to it no matter the market situation. Some traders usually switch trading strategies based on market trends, and since they’ve not perfected the new marketing strategy, they are at an increased risk of losing funds. This is why professional traders often maintain their trading strategy no matter what.

5.  Withdraw your profits: try to withdraw your profits regularly. There’s no reason why you should keep all your funds in your local account. Once you’ve withdrawn a considerable amount of your funds, it won’t be as painful as losing all your funds plus profit if you happen to lose the funds in your account.

6.  Listen to expert advice: there are several forums and groups online where you can rub minds with like-minded people and learn one or two things about trading. This will help you learn trading tactics and market trends and help you get better at trading.


BitQT is a very profitable trading platform, but there’s still the possibility of loss. With these tips, you’ll be reducing the risk of loss and increasing profitability.

By Manali