Collecting sneakers is now a bona fide hobby, with some collectors spending up to $2 million for one pair.

Other sneaker heads line up for days for a hyped drop, post photos of their collections online, and obsess over sneaker care and storage.

Even if you don’t have millions to spend on shoes or hours of free time to devote to sneakers, you can still start your own sneaker collection. If you’re on the fence about becoming a collector, here are seven reasons to start.

1. You Can Flex Your Collection

One of the most common reasons to collect sneakers is that sneakers are like wearable art.

Many collections sit on a shelf or collect dust in boxes. But sneakers can be worn and shown off, giving you bragging rights, but also making your collection just as practical as it is fun.

If you already love wearing sneakers for their comfort and versatility, build onto your collection with new designs and styles. Then, embrace the chance to flex your collection wherever you go.

2. Sneakers Can Be Inexpensive

While some spend millions on one pair of sneakers, you don’t have to in order to be a sneaker collector. In fact, you can spend as little as $30 (or less, if you dig online sales and thrift shops) for a new pair.

Unlike some other collector items, sneakers have a range of price points. And if you skip the designer collaborations, signed sneakers, or hard-to-find vintage styles, you’ll find that it’s actually easy to start a sneaker collection, even on a budget. Then, you never have to feel guilty for investing in your collection.

You can find examples of collection-worthy sneakers at a variety of prices at the KicksCrew shoe website.

3. Sneakers Are a Good Investment

Whether you’re dropping a lot of money on sneakers or not, they can be a great investment and may earn you more cash later on.

The price of sneakers is on the rise, and what may not cost you much now will cost buyers a lot more later. This is especially true for first editions, limited editions, and luxury sneakers.

But remember, you don’t have to spend a lot on sneakers to form a solid collection. Even sneakers priced at $200 or less can fetch much more if resold later, as long as you keep them in great condition.

4. Show Support for Your Favorite Brand

Many sneaker lovers gravitate towards a favorite brand. And by starting a sneaker collection, you can show your brand loyalty by focusing your collection on one particular label.

Think of it like creating your own museum for your most beloved brand. Whether it’s Nike, Adidas, or another sneaker brand, put your passion into collecting their newest drops, hard-to-find styles, and the designs that put them on the map.

When you collect a specific brand, it can be fun to see how that brand’s styles have evolved, while trying to fill in any gaps in your shoe collection.

5. Your Collection Could Inspire a Business

If you have entrepreneurial dreams, or you just want to earn extra cash on the side, consider starting a sneaker collection.

With sneaker influencers popping up on every social media platform, it’s possible to earn money as you spend money on shoes. You can show off your collection on social media, create sneaker review videos, and do sponsored content for sneaker brands and shops.

And if you really make a name for yourself, companies may even reach out to you to model or collaborate with their sneaker brand.

There are plenty of ways to make money from your love for sneakers, and a collection can help you do so.

6. Sneakers Are Timeless

Okay, so not all sneakers are timeless—some trendy sneakers do fizzle out quickly after their launch. But many sneakers stay in fashion (or come back in fashion) even decades after their debut.

Some of the best sneakers have been around longer than the people wearing them today. For example, Air Jordans are a timeless style that have been a sneakerhead favorite since 1985. And Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars have been popular since the 1960s.

If you collect sneakers, chances are they’ll still look just as fresh in 20 years as they do now, a rare point that most other fashion-related collections don’t have.

7. You Love Sneakers 

The best reason to start a sneaker collection is simply because you love sneakers.

If you enjoy shopping for sneakers anyway, and you’re excited to learn about new sneaker launches, your passion could be enough to start a collection.

Some sneaker heads worry that their passion is frivolous and not worth spending money and time on. But there’s nothing wrong with having an eye for good shoe design or appreciating the comfort of sneakers.

If you love sneakers and sneaker culture, start small with just a few pairs. And one day, you’ll have a full collection you’ll be proud to flex.

Are You Ready to Start Your Sneaker Collection?

Collecting sneakers is more popular now than ever before, but some sneaker heads may still wonder if they’re ready to start their own sneaker collection.

There are several reasons to start collecting. And you don’t have to be rich or wait in lines for days to start a worthwhile collection. Opt for budget-friendly kicks, or stick to one favorite brand.

And who knows? Maybe one day, someone will be paying you $2 million for shoes from your collection.

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By Manali