Calling all business owners! Are you looking to build brand awareness? Are you seeking to attract more customers? 

You can do all this and more with business cards. Yes, business cards are still relevant. Experts say business cards work, but it’s important to come up with new business card ideas. 

If you’re thinking of creating business cards for your company, you need to read this article. Read on to learn about nine unique business card ideas you can use. 

1. Think Outside the Box

When it comes to business cards, sometimes it’s best to think outside the box. In this case, it’s best to think outside the rectangle. 

Today, there are no hard and fast rules about the shape of business cards. New printing techniques can create business cards in different shapes and sizes. Why not embrace a unique shape to break away from the traditional route?  

2. Make It Multidimensional

A great way to make your business card stand out is by making it multidimensional. Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. If you receive a business card that catches your attention, you’re more likely to hold on to it. 

Tactile business cards can make a great impression. These cards offer more space than traditional business cards. You can add more information as you aim to make a bold statement. 

3. Think Two-Sided

If you want to get the most out of your new business card, make it two-sided. Don’t waste the space on your business card. Think about carrying your design or message on to the other side. 

Make sure it’s all cohesive. The recipients will be turning your card over to see something pleasing. It’s all about having a balance. 

4. Keep It Clear

Transparent business cards are becoming all the rage now. With these types of cards, you get a unique design.

These cards give off an inherent visual allure. This is the effect you want to have as it helps grab attention. 

Transparent business cards are made from durable plastic. This material makes them less prone to damage. It’s a plus as it helps the cards last longer. 

5. Go For Gold 

Who doesn’t love gold? You can put a touch of gold on your new business cards. Gold foil is great for professional business cards, as it makes them look luxurious. 

Add gold to the font and your company’s logo. Gold also goes great around the card’s border. You can even add another color to add to the card’s look.

6. Add a QR Code  

Did you know you can add a QR code to a business card? Instead of writing out your website on the card, a QR code will take the recipient straight to your website. 

All the recipient needs to do is scan it with their phone. You can also use a QR code to link clients to your portfolio. The possibilities are endless. 

7. Go Eco-Friendly  

If you want to save the planet, you can choose an eco-friendly design. Make your business cards out of recycled paper.

You can even choose vegetable-based inks. 

8. Use Watercolor

You can go with the artistic vibe by adding watercolor designs to your cards.

Don’t be afraid to use bright colors that give off a pop. This is where your creativity will shine. 

9. Make It Stick

Here’s another outside-of-the-box idea. Make a business card out of a magnet. Your recipient can take it home and put it up on the fridge and you’ll stay top of mind.  

Need ideas for business card templates? You can use a business card maker to make the best business cards. 

Consider These Nine Business Card Ideas

Creating a business card has never been easier. This article features nine great business card ideas. Give them a try. 

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By Manali