When it comes to grills, there are two main types—pre-made grills and custom made grills. The pre-made grills are usually made from special metals like the jeweler’s brass or stainless steel before being plated with gold. You don’t have to create an impression with the pre-made grills because they are usually created with a standard that fits most people.

Custom grills, on the other hand, are more expensive when compared to the pre-made grills and that’s because custom grills are hand-made from solid sterling silver or pure gold and you don’t have to worry about the grill not fitting properly. 

If you have decided to get yourself a custom grill then you should know that there are different designs you can choose from. That’s why in this guide, I’ll be introducing you to some of the most popular custom grill designs. It’ll interest you to know that some of the designs you’ll find in this article are magazine featured grills.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the most popular custom grill designs. 

1. Open face

The open face grill design is one of the most popular designs. For this custom grill design, gold metal is used to frame the edges of the teeth leaving the white centre open.

To give the open cut custom design a more intricate look, certain cuts like diamond or permanent cuts can be used on the open faces. You can leave the open cut as it is or you can choose a mixture of solid gold and open face.

2. Trillion cut

This is another popular yet amazing custom grill design. For the trillion cut design, small cuts are inscribed on solid gold grills to create the look it has.

Most times, people who go for this custom grill design add diamond dust to create a more beautiful design. If the design seems too intense for you then you can opt for diamond cuts.

3. Drip

If you are looking for a top statement piece, then you have found it in the drip or teardrop style.

A lot of users prefer placing the drip grill on their bottom teeth because it makes it seem like gold is dripping down the wearer’s teeth which is pretty cool if you ask me.

The drip custom grill design can be used in different ways. Another popular design is sitting the gold drip on the top of the teeth or the drip sits on some solids to produce some two-tone action.

If you want to make it unique then you can add some rubies or diamonds to it.

4. Sun cut

The sun cut custom grill design is made to resemble the sun. For the design, the solid grills are cut in a specific style to create a bursting sun-like shape on each tooth.

When light hits on sun cut grills, the effect produced is intense. The design is quite different from all other patterned designs. So if you are out looking for something fluid and unique then the sun cut custom grill design is the one for you.

By Manali