As the vaping industry continues to grow in the U.S and across the globe, nicotine salt is taking the market by storm. This new vaping accessory promises an augmented vaping experience as it’s known to mimic the real nicotine rush. 

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Vapers are buzzing over nicotine salt due to its instant rush, which settles well with anyone experiencing nicotine cravings.  

Nicotine Salt Vs. Freebase Nicotine 

Freebase nicotine connotes conventional nicotine. On the other hand, Nicotine salt is a new compound. The compound contains nicotine and a host of other organic elements.  

In other words, nicotine salt is a combination of nicotine and other organic compounds. Unlike freebase nicotine, nicotine salt delivers the nicotine compound more efficiently. It also contains benzoic acid to help lower its pH for a smooth vaping experience. To get started, you can try synthetic nicotine ejuice.  

How Safe Are Nicotine Salts? 

We will begin by stating that there lacks a direct answer to whether nicotine salt is safer or less safe than conventional nicotine. The only major difference between nicotine salt-based E-liquid and the standard E-liquid is the presence of benzoic acid.  

Some vapers have reported throat irritation from the acid, but other than that, we haven’t heard of other side effects. To understand how nicotine salt works, you will need to have a general understanding of freebase nicotine.  

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Freebase nicotine is typically the purest form of nicotine, free of any additives. Due to its high potency, one can only tolerate a small dose of the compound. This is especially so because the human brain and lungs tend to absorb freebase nicotine faster – almost instantly.  

However, that does not mean that nicotine salt contains low nicotine levels. No. Though the nicotine level is still high, its concentration is lessened by benzoic acid and the presence of other organic compounds.  

The Benefits of Using Nicotine Salt-Based E-Liquids 

Since you have obtained a clear understanding of Nicotine Salt, let’s delve into some of the benefits associated with nicotine salt-based E-liquids.  

Gives The Vaper More Satisfaction 

Over the past two to three years, we have witnessed more people joining the vaping industry. Many come seeking better satisfaction from what they receive from other alternative options. Vaping will hit just the right spot compared to standard conventional E-liquids with a high-quality nicotine salt E-liquid. At other times, it will even feel better than free-based nicotine products.  

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It Does not Lose the Flavors  

The regular vaping E-liquids that come with free-based nicotine are known for losing their flavors. Nicotine tends to be more dominant than other flavors, explaining the loss in flavors. This is not the case with nicotine salt. The latter allows your preferred flavors to take dominance.  

It is Smoother 

Most beginner vapers are fearful that the experience might have a hard hit on their throats. The standard conventional nicotine vape is associated with a hard and rough throat.  

While most vapers tend to associate harshness with low-quality E-liquids, it’s also possible to come across a premium-quality vaping juice that feels harsh when inhaling. Nicotine salt juices serve as a great alternative for those seeking a smooth vaping experience.  

Conducive for Beginners 

Vaping entails a lot of factors and accessories from nicotine, pens, devices, and so forth. Most beginners often get confused when it comes to picking the best vaping combo.  

Others find it challenging at first due to the hard and harsh throat hit. The cure to this is nicotine salt E-juices due to their smooth feel. If you are a beginner, you should consider starting with nicotine salt-based vaping juices. In addition, nicotine salts come in portable and easy-to-handle pod systems.  

They Will Stand the Test of Time 

Comparatively, nicotine salt is more stable than regular freebase nicotine. This means that you can store your nic salt E-liquids for more extended periods. If your vaping juice turns color, it is no cause for alarm. At times, the chemical composition of the nicotine salt might cause it to change color over time.  

Nic Salt is Ideal for MTL Vapers 

Mouth to lung (MTL) vaping is a method where the vaper vapes the e-juice, holds the vapor in their mouth, and later inhales it to the lungs. Due to the long period of holding the vapor, MTL vapers prefer to use nicotine sales due to its smooth hit.  

Additionally, nicotine salt-based vaping juices are known to produce more giant clouds and concentrated doses.  

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The Growing Availability of Nicotine Salts 

As the market continues to expand, there are numerous nic salt e-liquids for sale in the U.S, the U.K., and worldwide. However, nic salt sales are subject to relevant regulation by state authorities.  

One of the reasons why this vaping compound is growing in popularity is its affordability. Though Nicotine salt e-juices are slightly more expensive than the regular alternative, most vapers do not mind paying the extra pennies for the convenience offered by the product.  


Nicotine salt is gradually becoming the new normal within the vaping industry. We are witnessing more vapers turning to Nic salt as the most preferred option to freebase nicotine. As to its safety, there lacks sufficient scientific evidence to prove whether it’s less safe or safer.  

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