Parents are usually joyful when they welcome their bundle of joy into this world. A newborn baby is a massive source of joy for the family. In as much as they put a smile on everyone’s face, they do deserve tender love and care. Once you become a parent, caring for your little angel becomes a top priority. Taking care of a newborn baby can be tasking and sometimes intimidating especially for new mothers. In today’s post, I’ll give you the best skin care tips for your newborn, including what lotion is best for your infant and when to apply the lotion.

The delicate and fragile skin of newborns babies makes them vulnerable to irritation and dryness. Newborns also experience dry skin and irritation. Many parents have often wondered if it’s safe to apply a baby lotion on the tender skin of young infants and newborns to fight these irritation and dryness. Have you also wondered about that yourself? Research on infant skincare has shown that the reason for newborns soft and tender skin is due to an organic component called vernix caseosa. This is the milky white substance that coats the skin of newborns and acts as a barrier, and also facilitates postnatal hydration, aiding the newborn in the accumulation and retention of moisture. Amazing as it is, this amazing natural organic moisturizer does not last forever, which means your baby could still suffer from dry skin and irritation, vernix or not. Without proper skin care, your newborn baby could even contract a variety of other skin problems such as rashes, baby acne, or eczema. Does that mean applying lotion is the right answer? Continue reading to find out.

Do Newborns need lotion?

A newborn baby’s skin is indeed quite moist due to the organic compound vernix. However, you may need to apply a lotion or moisturizer to your baby’s skin as it can become dry when exposed to dry air, and also after a bath. Applying the wrong baby lotion or baby soap can be detrimental to the baby’s health. Caution is to be taken when selecting products to be used on newborns, they are sensitive to fragrance, dyes, soaps and even some lotions designed for babies. 

When do I apply lotion on a newborn?

Due to the tender and delicate nature of newborn baby’s skin, it is advisable to apply only the mildest cleansers and a little bit of lotion in the early months, as the immune system of your newborn develops. It’s best to wait until after the umbilical cord area of your newborn baby to heal before applying any lotion on their skin.

Are you ready to apply baby lotion to your infant? That’s great. The best moment to apply a lotion on your newborn baby is right after a bath, to help lock in the moisture and aid the skin barrier. More so, the perfect skincare routine for your newborn does not only involve baby lotions but also the soap needed to bathe the infant. It is best to use natural organic soap when bathing your infant. Because newborn baby’s skin is delicate and soft, you should only use the best baby soap to avoid irritation and reactions. It is not advisable to bathe your newborn baby more than 3 times a week, to avoid stripping the baby’s delicate skin of all its oil that keeps the skin tender and soft. 

Tips for applying lotion on Newborns

To apply lotion to newborn babies requires a great deal of care and caution to avoid causing irritations and reactions on their skin.

  • Avoid any lotion with perfumes, dyes, or any harsh ingredient. 
  • Avoid frequent baby baths, 3 times a week is ideal.
  • Only apply the best baby soap for your new born.

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