Girlfriend Smile

While there is no perfect way to learn to make your girlfriend happy, there still are ways that you can try every now and then. Going simple in your love story is not enough as you need to keep doing some interesting things from time to time to keep the spark lighted. There are times when love can take a deep stride downwards, but your efforts and gestures can bring the love back on track. If you want to make your girlfriend feel happy and in love with a bang-on surprise, we have some ideas for you to try.

The ideas have proven too good for many lover boys out there, and you can have the benefit too.

The Big Bold Confession

Yeah, we know the title sounds interesting, and so is the actual idea. No matter how many times you have expressed your love for her, she would still react to those lovely words with the same enthusiasm. So, why not surprise her by expressing and confessing your love in a blogger and bolder way? The idea is to get a big banner of ‘I LOVE YOU’ along with her picture and get the banner placed where she can see it clearly on her day out. If she is working somewhere, then you can put it in front of the office building. This is surely gonna make her smile wide, and she will have the image saved in her heart forever. 

Let The Flowers Scatter Magic

For ages, flowers are being used by humans for many different purposes, and future generations will also find some more things to do with flowers. But expressing love through flowers is something that will remain constant till eternity. And the best thing about picking flowers to surprise your girlfriend is that you don’t have to worry about spending too much. You can pick a bouquet of flowers and tell her one more time how much you love her. That’s it. Flowers have the capacity to express your feelings through the beauty of their petals and the fragrance. For long-distance relationships, you can send rose flowers online where your girlfriend resides through online gift delivery services.

Make The Evening Special With A Perfect Cake

Evening dates are common among couples, and that’s when all the lovey-dovey talks happen. While it feels good to spend the evening with your favorite person, you guys may feel a Lil bored because of the diminishing options of trying food over love moments. Well, you can choose to just take those moments on a booster ride of love by making your date special with a cake. Look for no other reason than your love to have a cakey celebration with your sweetheart. Pick a heart-shaped cake infused with the favourite flavours of you and your girlfriend. While you guys enjoy spending time together, the cake will add more sweetness to your relationship.

Terrace/Balcony Movie Night

Watching movies together is one of the best things to do with your love partner. But movie dates at cinema halls are so routine. If you want to make her feel like a queen that holds a very special place in your life, you need to level up your efforts. You guys gonna watch a movie together but in a more private and romantic setup. Whether you have a terrace at your place or you have a balcony, set up a little tent along with a screen to play movies on. You can watch movies on a laptop, or you can arrange for a projector. Keep it a surprise and just tell her that you are taking her for a movie. Play movies while feeling loved and safe in each other’s arms.

Write Down A Poem For Her

When you fall in love, you feel all those poetic vibes that you see in movies and romantic songs. So, pick up the idea of being a poet for your girlfriend to make her feel special. The world’s best writers say that there is a writer in everyone. And that’s true. All you need to do to create a masterpiece poem for her is to feel the love and write down your feelings. After some tries, you will surely find the rhythms to put in your words. Stand in front of her and recite what you have written. With every word, her smile would widen. Pick up the pen now! There are so many more things that you can do, but in the end, your true feelings matter the most. But keep finding ways to express those feelings. Do not get yourself turned into a boring guy. Your love for her is surely the purest, but your efforts need to match the level of your love.

By Manali