meeting room

It’s pointless to hire a second or third-rate venue if you’re holding a meeting or training session away from your typical business location. Meeting venues in Dubai must be up to the task if you’re paying to use them. It must also have a strong, professional atmosphere in addition to having all of the appropriate furnishings and fixtures. You could save money by using the employee cafeteria instead of the meeting room if it doesn’t achieve this.

In what ways does the best meeting room in Dubai differ from others? To ensure that your facility will be one you will enjoy using, here are ten features you need:

Walls that are light and clear

Hotels with meeting rooms in Dubai are best covered with white and other light colors. Booking a facility with black walls is not recommended. It also shouldn’t resemble a student art project. It will only serve to divert attention away from the important tasks at hand.

Internet Connection

There has to be a mechanism to get individuals online, whether the conference room in Dubai has Wi-Fi, Ethernet connections, or fixed-line internet access. If wireless broadband is used, connecting to the network should be simple and easy. The name and password for the network should be readily available.

Ample Supply of Power Sockets

Everyone in the room may have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone that they plan to use during the meeting. If they don’t have a battery or their charge runs out, they may require access to the main power supply. It is essential that there are enough outlets dispersed across the room.

Open space

So that everyone can see each other all of the time, the meeting room in Sheikh Zayed Road should preferably be open-plan. Meetings and training sessions in L-shaped rooms are a waste of time. Furthermore, you do not want to discover anyone to be behind supporting pillars, hidden from view.

Facilities for Making Presentations

PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, and other presentations are frequently used in meetings and training sessions. Screens, whiteboards and projecting equipment should all be available in the meeting space to make it as simple as possible to set up visual aids. Meeting rooms in The H Dubai Office Tower are all equipped with the latest in audio-visual technology so you will never go wrong if you book with them.

Enough Windows

Meeting rooms with large windows allow a plentiful supply of natural light into the room. In order to let fresh air in, they should be able to be opened. At certain times of the day, the windows will be covered with curtains or blinds to block the sun’s beams.

Central Heating

In the same way, when everyone’s fingers have turned blue and their teeth are chattering, it is incredibly difficult to conduct a meeting or put on training. Having a productive meeting at a low temperature will be difficult. This won’t be an issue if you will book your meeting in The H Dubai.


You don’t want the hot weather to distract your attendees when you are holding a conference or training session in the summer. To control the temperature and the flow of cold, fresh air throughout the space, you’ll need proper air conditioning. The H Dubai Business Tower’s meeting rooms all have excellent air conditioning that is perfect for any meeting you will have.

A Sufficient Ceiling Height

Since they make people feel claustrophobic and uneasy, low ceilings must be avoided. Additionally, they may worsen any existing lighting concerns, making the room look smaller and darker than it really is. 

There should be considerable floor space.

Therefore pick one that can accommodate everyone because you would not want people to be crammed into a meeting room owing to a lack of space. A chair, as well as a seat at a table or desk, will be required by everyone. If in doubt, it’s better to be safe and book a bigger space.

The H Dubai Hotel’s 2nd mezzanine level is wholly dedicated to a range of 16 lively meeting rooms of varying sizes, the majority of which have plenty of natural light. These multipurpose venues can accommodate groups of two to 250 people and feature cutting-edge audio-visual technology.

Check out The H Dubai in Trip Advisor to have an idea of the experiences of those who previously held their meetings and conferences in the venue. Book your next event in The H Dubai and you will be sure that your meeting will go smoothly and pleasantly for you and your attendees.

By Manali